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London landmarks Big Ben It's a very beautiful tower and a very big clock. Big Ben is really the bell which strikes every quarter of an hour. Big Ben is a part of The Houses of Parliament, The Houses of Parliament Big Ben is a part of The Houses of Parliament, also known as the Palace of Westminster. The building consists of The House of Commons, The House of Lords and Westminster Hall. On the other side of the River Thames you can see the London Eye, sometimes called the Millenium Wheel,the largest observationwheel in the world. It was opened on December 31, 1999. London Eye WestminsterAbbey Opposite the Houses of Parliament is Westminster Abbey. It's a very beautiful church built over 900 years ago. This gothic church is the traditional place of coronation for English monarchs. Buckingham Palace This is the official London residence of the British monarch. In front of it stands a sculpture called the Victoria Memorial, a large statue of Queen Victoria. Towerof London Situated by the River Thames, it is the most famous fortress in the UK. It is a complex of buildings which have served as treasury, mint, palace, place of execution and prison. Tower Bridge The Bridge, constructed in the 1890s, took its name from the nearby Tower of London. The road over the bridge can be raised to allow ships to pass through. St Paul’s Cathedral The present cathedral dates from the 17th century, when it was rebuilt after the Great Fire of London, and was designed by Christopher Wren. Trafalgar Square A square in central London, which commemoratesthe Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Nelson’s column is in the centre, surrounded by fountains and four huge bronze lions. BritishMuseum One of the world’s largestand most important museums of human history and culture, home to over seven million objects from all continents. Piccadilly Circus A famous traffic intersection renowned for its video display and neon signs as well as the bronze fountain topped by a figure of the Angel of Christian Charity, often called „Eros”. Thank you!You have seen just a few of the attractions of London. More you can see in the film.

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