The 22nd Olympic Games in Sochi, 2014

The XXII Olympic Games in
Sochi, 2014

Учащиеся: 8абв, 9бв, 10б, 11аб
Руководитель: учитель английского языка Костылева Елена Васильевна
2014 г.
The Opening Ceremony of the XXII Olympic Games
The opening ceremony of the XXII Olympic Games was held at the Olympic stadium “Fisht”. It began at 20:14 Moscow time. The time was chosen symbolically. It was so brilliant! We watched the parade of nations, listened to the athletes’ oath. We saw some ballet, heard some opera, learned some things about the Russian alphabet and took a tour of Russian history that included references to Peter the Great, the cosmonauts, “War and Peace”. We saw three giant animal mascots of the Games, skating around the arena: a polar bear, a hare and a leopard. They were 8 meter tall. We heard the I.O.C. president, Thomas Bach, who made a speech in which he emphasized that the Olympics were about tolerance, not discrimination. The most thrilling moment of the ceremony was the lighting of the Olympic caldron by the figure skater Irina Rodnina and the hockey player Vladislav Tretiak. President Putin declared the Games open.
“Most of all I liked the fireworks at the end of the ceremony and the anthem performed by Anna Netrebko.” /Emil Asadov, 8v/
“I’m proud that the Olympic Games are held in our country.” /Pavel Zagrebin, 8v/
“The ceremony was grand! I was impressed with the music, special effects and computer graphic.” /Aleksei Ponomaryov, 8v/
“It was interesting that each letter of the Russian alphabet was named after famous Russian people. I expect our athletes to win a lot of medals.” /Vadim Nizovtsev, 8v/
February, 8
Olympic champions:
Snowboard ( Men’s slopestyle) - Sage Kotsenburg (USA)
Biathlon (Men‘s sprint 10 km) - Ole Einar Bjoerndalen (Norway)
Cross-country skiing (Women’s skiathlon) (7.5 + 7.5 km classic, freestyle )- Marit Bjoergen( Norway)
Speed ​​skating (Men’s 5000 meters) - Sven Kramer (Netherlands)
Freestyle (Women’s moguls) - Justine Dufour - Lapointe (Canada)
“Ole Einar Bjorndalen came to the finish first and became a seven – time Olympic champion. It is his twelfth medal in the Olympics in his career. Unfortunately, our athlete Anton Shipulin was the forth in the race.” /Dima Sirotin,11b/
“I was very upset when our Ekaterinburg beathlete Anton Shipulin didn’t win the bronze medal losing only 0,7 second.”/Sveta Pryakhina, 11b/
“Snowboard slopestyle competition is a new Olympic discipline. Unfortunately, Russian sportsmen didn’t win but anyway it was great to watch them.”/Nastya Arkhipova,11b/
240220555689500 February 9
‘’It seemed to me that Julia didn’t skate but flew over the ice. Her performance was great!’’ /Alyona Tuikova,11b/
“Her skating made a great impression on me. In her short program she managed to show the most complex elements without errors.’’ /Alyona Polyanina,11b/
“Julia amazed me with incredibly light triple jumps, acrobatic spins and champion’s temperament.” /Polina Ivleva,11b/
“Lipnitskaya became the youngest champion in figure skating in the history of the Witer Olympic Games. Plushenko called her a genius. Her performance is called excellent, impressive and truly spectacular.”/Masha Komarova,11b/
“Olga Graph won the third place and it was the first medal of our team!” /Arina Samoilova,8a/
“84 women took part in biathlon sprint. After the hard fight our Olga Viluhina took the second place. She was very fast and didn’t do misses. I’m happy for her! I’m also very happy for Plushenko. He showed great strength and power. He was very emotional. It was exciting to watch his skating.” /Milena Zykina,8a/
Olympic champions
Alpine Skiing ( Men’s downhill) - Matthias Mayer (Austria)
Snowboard ( Women’s slopestyle finals) - Jamie Anderson (USA)
Cross-country skiing ( Men’s skiathlon , 15 km classical style + 15 km freestyle) -Dario Cologna (Switzerland)
Speed ​​skating ( Women 3000 meters) - Irene Wust (Netherlands)
Olga Graf (Russia) – bronze medal
Figure skating (Team competition) - Russia
Evgeni Plushenko, Lipnitskaya Julia, Elena Il'inykh - Nikita Katsalapov, Dmitry Solovyov - Ekaterina Bobrova, Fedor Klimov - Xenia Stolbova,Tatyana Volosozhar - Maxim Trankov.
Luge (Men , single sleigh) - Felix Loch (Germany)
Albert Demchenko (Russia) – silver medal
Biathlon (Women , sprint , 7.5 km) - Anastasiya Kuzmina (Slovakia)
Olga Viluhina ( Russia ) – silver medal
 Ski jumping (Men , personal start, middle springboard) - Kamil Stoch ( Poland)
February, 10
Olympic champions
 Biathlon (Pursuit of 12.5 km) - Martin Fourcade (France).
Alpine Skiing (Super Combined Slalom, women) - Maria Hoefl-Riesch (Germany).
Speed ​​skating (Men’s race 500m) - Michel Mulder (Netherlands).
Freestyle (Men’s moguls) - Alexander Bilodeau (Canada ), Alexander Smyshlyaev ( Russia )- bronze medal .
Short Track (Men’s 1500m) Gold - Charles Hamelin (Canada ) , Viktor An ( Russia ) - bronze medal.
“Short track competitions were very stressful and exciting. It was interesting to watch how Russian sportsmen fought for the victory. The star of our team Victor An won the bronze medal!” /Xenia Antufieva, 10b/
“I watched speed skating competitions. Sometimes my heart seemed to stop beating for a while when Russian skaters failed to win. But they struggled hard and did their best…” /Katya Veselkova, 10b/
“When I watched the pursuit in biathlon on this day I worried about Anton Shipulin, Eugene Ustyugov, Dmitry Malyshko and Eugene Garanichev. As a result, Ustyugov was the fifth, Shipulin – the 14th, Garanichev – the 15th and Malyshko – the 33rd?!” /Julia Balashova, 10b/
February 11
Olympic champions
Biathlon (Pursuit 10 km, women) - Darya Domracheva (Belarus )Cross-country skiing (Sprint freestyle, women) - Maiken Kaspersen Falla (Norway )Skiing (Sprint freestyle, men) - Ola Vigen Hattestad (Norway )Jumping (Personal start, average springboard, women) - Carina Vogt (Germany )Luge ( Women on the single sleigh) - Natalie Geyzenberger (Germany )
Speed ​​Skating ( Women 500m) - Sang- Hwa Lee ( South Korea) , silver - Olga Fatkulina ( Russia )
Snowboard (Halfpipe, men) - Yuri Podladchikov (Switzerland )Freestyle ( Slopestyle , women) - Dara Howell ( Canada )
“I liked the performance of Darya, her accuracy, speed, perhaps, fortune, all of which gave such a result. I am proud of our compatriot and congratulate her with a deserved victory.” /Jane Avstrakova, 9v/
“Olga Fatkulina was happy to win a silver medal. It’s a pity that Eugene Ustyugov was only the 5th in the sprint.” /Roman Besedin, 9b/
“The game of curling between women’s teams from Russia and the USA was very interesting. I was glad when our team won with the score 9:7. And Russian girls were so beautiful!They looked like supermodels.” /Stepan Cherepanov, 8a/
February, 12
Olympic champions
Alpine skiing (Downhill, women) - Tina Maze (Germany )Nordic Combined (Personal start, middle springboard 10km) - Eric Frenzel (Germany )
Luge (Men on double sledge) - Tobias Arlt and Tobias Vendla (Germany )Speed ​​Skating ( Men , 1000 meters) - Stephen Grotheys (Netherlands )
Snowboard (Halfpipe women) - Katelyn Farrington (USA )1905088328500
Figure skating (Pairs) Gold - Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov ( Russia ), silver - Xenia Stolbova and Fyodor Klimov ( Russia )
“Figure skating is a wonderful sport! Russia took the first place in pair skating! Bravo!” /Marina Klyukina, 9v/
“I enjoyed waching pair figure skating. Our pairs Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov, Xenia Stolbova and Fyodor Klimov were wearing very beautiful costumes. I’m proud of our great figure skaters. They deserve their medals.” /Sergey Garkusha, 9v/
February, 13
Olympic champions
Biathlon (20km individual race, men) - Martin Fourcade (France ), bronze - Eugene Garanichev ( Russia )
Cross-country skiing (10 km classical style, women) - Yustina Kovalchik (Poland )
Speed ​​Skating (Women 1000m) - Hong Zhang (China )Freestyle ( Slopestyle, men) - Joss Christensen (USA)
Short Track (Women 500m) - Tszyazhou Li (China )Luge ( Relay ) - Tobias Arlt , Natalie Geyzenberger , Felix Loch , Tobias Vendl (Germany ),
silver - Tatiana Ivanova , Vladislav Antonov , Albert Demchenko , Alexander Denisiev ( Russia )
“It’s a pity Evgeni Plushenko will no longer participate in the competition - Plushenko withdrew from the competition. “ /Elena Zakharova, 9b/
“February 13th, today, in the first round of hockey Olympics in Sochi, the Russian team won 5-2 against Slovenia in our favor. Most of all I liked playing of Alexander Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin, Anton Belov.” /Artyom Rozhnev, 10b/
“I watched our beathletes Volkov, Loginov and Garanichev in biathlon race. It’s good that Garanichev won the 3rd place but I think he could have done better.” /Elena Zakharova, 9b/
“I and my father like watching hockey. We watched the match on 13 February. The best player of this match was Eugene Malkin. He scored two goals.” /Andrey Khodunov, 8a/
February, 14
Olympic champions
Skiing (15 km classical style, men) - Dario Cologna (Switzerland)
Alpine Skiing (Super Combined, men) - Sandro Villette (Switzerland)
Figure skating (all - men) - Yuzuru Han (Japan)
Skeleton (women) - Elizabeth Yarnold (Great Britain), bronze - Elena Nikitina (Russia)
Biathlon (Individual race for Women 15 km) - Darya Domracheva (Belarus)
-72390084201000Freestyle (acrobatics, women) - Alla Tsuper (Belarus)
A statement was made about Evgeni Plushenko’s end to his sports career.
“I was very surprised and disappointed when Plushenko got injured and couldn’t take part in the competition that day. I hoped that he would win a gold medal.” /Pavel Zagrebin, 8v/
“I watched freestyle in the extreme park “Rosa Khutor”. I liked the performance of the Russian team. A lot of beautiful girls took part in the competition. They showed very complicated tricks.” /Alexey Ponomaryov, 8v/
February, 15
Olympic champions
Skiing (super-Giant) - Anna Fenninger (Austria)
Skiing (women's ski relay 4x5 km) - Sweden
Short track (speed skating 1500 meters) - Zhou Yang (China)
Short track (1000 meters) Viktor An (Russia), Vladimir Grigoriev (Russia) - silver
Skating (1500 meters) - Zbigniew Brudka (Poland)
Skeleton - Alexander Tretyakov (Russia)
Ski jumping (big trampoline) - Kamil Stoch (Poland)
The result of a hockey game at the Olympics on February 15 was not successful for Russia. The meeting, which was held at the Palace of Sports "Big", ended with a 3-2.

“We all hoped that Victor An and Vladimir Grigoriev would win and they didn’t disappoint us. Victor An showed his personal best time.” /Marina Shirokova, 11b/
“The Krasnoyarsk athlete Alexander Tretyakov won the first Olympic gold in the history of the Russian skeleton. His performance pleased all Russian fans. I wasn’t interested in this sport earlier and now I like this dangerous sport.”/Polina Ivleva, 11b/
“I watched the hockey match between Russia and the USA and was very upset with its results. Our teamcould have won. The American referee didn’t count the third goal and didn’t notice a number of violations of the American team. It was scandalous!” /Alyona Tuikova, 11b/

February, 16

Olympic champions
Skating (women, 1500m ) - Yorin Ter Mors (Holland)
Figure Skating (Short Dance) - 1st place was taken by a pair of Meryl Davis and Charlie White of the United States, 2nd place was taken by a couple from Canada Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir,
the 3rd place was taken by Nikita Katsalapov and Elena Ill’inykhHockey ( men, Group A) - Russia - Slovakia 1:0
Ski relay (4x10 km) – Sweden, Russia - silver
Alpine skiing (super-G) - Kjetil Yansrud (Norway)
Snowboard Cross - Eva Samkova (Czech Republic)
“I liked a short program of our couple Victoria Sinitsyna and Ruslan Zhiganshin. They had a very vigorous dance.” /Katya Veselkova, 10b/
“I was overwhelmed with emotions watching the men’s relay. Maksim Vylegzhanin managed to be the second to finish the race and our team won a gold medal.”/Julia Balashova, 10b/
“I wastched a hockey match between Russia and Slovakia. I was proud of my country.”/Katya Komar, 10b/
“The hockey match was boring this time. But I’m still glad that Russia won! The Russians felt confident on the ice.” Ivan Russkikh, 10b/
“I was overwhelmed, it was the most memorable hockey game in my life.”/Anya Mikova, 10b/
“I was happy for the Russian team because it was able to withstand in the struggle against the Slovaks.”/Xenia Antufieva, 10b/
February, 17
Olympic champions
Biathlon (mass start, women) – Darya Domracheva (Belarus)
Figure Skating (free dance) – Meryl Davis and Charlie White (USA),
Elena Il'inykh and Nikita Katsalapov (Russia) – bronze
Skiing (freestyle, acrobatics, men) – Anton Kushnir (Belorus)
Bobsleigh (crews) - Alexander Zubkov and Alexey Voevoda (Russia)
Ski jumping (team, springboard) - Germany

Elena Il'inykh and Nikita Katsalapov (Russia)
“When I watched skating of our great pair Elena Il'inykh and Nikita Katsalapov I was amazed with their synchronous jumps and spins. Their dance was full of passion, tenderness and romance. I was pleased with it. I would watch their skating for hours! I am glad that they have won a bronze medal.”
/Nastya Demidenko, 10b/
February, 18
Olympic champions
Snowboard (cross) – Pierre Volts (France), Nikolay Olyunin (Russia) – silver
Biathlon (men's mass start, 15 km) - Emil Hegle Svendsen (Norway)
Nordic combined - Jorgen Svendsen Graabak (Norway)
Speed skating (10,000 meters) - Jorrit Bergsma (Denmark)
Short track (women's team race, 3000 meters) - South Korea
Freestyle ski halfpipe (men) - David Wise (USA)
Skiing (giant slalom, women) - Tina Maze (Slovenia)
“I watched snowboard cross competition. I was proud of a 22-year old athlete Nikolay Olyunin from Krasnoyarsk. He had a high risk of falling in this sport.”/Olga Krasavina, 9b/
“I was afraid that Nikolay Olyunin would fall and get injured.” /Alyona Kuznetsova, 9b/
“I watched short track. I can say the Korean team did their best to get the first place in this competition. I was upset that our team was only the forth.” /Alexander Davletov, 9b/
“I watched a hockey match between Russia and Norway.I was proud of our team. There was an accident during this match when Ilya Kovalchuk injured his leg. What a pity!”
/Alexander Sergeev, 9b/
February, 19
Olympic champions
Snowboard (parallel giant slalom, women) - Patricia Kummer (Switzerland),
Alena Zavarzina (Russia) - bronze
Snowboard (parallel giant slalom, men) - Victor Wilde (Russia)
Ice skating (women, 5000 m) - Martina Sablikova (Czech Republic)
Skiing (giant slalom) - Ted Ligeti (USA)
Skiing (team sprint, women) - Ingvild Flugstad Österberg and Marit Bjoergen(Norway)
Skiing (team sprint, men) - Iyvo Niskanen and Sami Yauhoyarvi (Finland),
Maxim Vilegzhanin and Nikita Kryukov (Russia) - silver
Biathlon (mixed relay) – Norway
Bobsleigh (deuces) - Caillou Humphries and Heather Moyse (Canada)

“Our athletes had a high risk of being injured in parallel giant slalom. Thank God, that nobody was injured.” /Arina Gerasimova,9v/
“I watched snowboard parallel giant slalom. I wanted our sportsmen to win. Vic Wilde became the Olympic champion! I was so proud of him. It’s a very dangerous sport.” /Ekaterina Cherkasova, 8b/
February, 20
Olympic champions

Nordic Combined (team, relay) - Norway
Figure skating (women) - Adelina Sotnikova (Russia)
Ski Cross (freestyle, men) - Jean Frederic Chapuis (France)
Skiing (halfpipe, women) - Maddison Bowman (USA)
Curling (women) – Canada
Hockey (women) - Canada
“Adelina Sotnikova is a wonderful figure skater and during her program she skated without a single mistake!” /Arina Gerasimova, 9v/
“Adelina Sotnikova is a very purposeful and capable skater. I was disappointed when Julia Lipnitskaya fell and took only the 5th place.” /Sergey Garkusha, 9v/
February, 21
Olympic champions
Ski cross (freestyle, women) - Marielle Thompson (Canada)
Curling (team, men) - Canada
Biathlon (team, women) – Ukraine, Russia - silver
Skiing (slalom, women) - Mikaela Shiffrin (USA)
Short track (men, 500 m) - Viktor An (Russia)
Skating (women, 1000 meters) - Pak Son-Hee (South Korea)
Short track (relay, men, 5000 m) – Russia
" Thank you for your support, thank you for believing in me , thank you for the opportunity given to me . Now I can say" I love you, Russia . “ I will remember forever how I sang the Russian national anthem . Thanks, Sochi , thanks for the Olympics , thanks for Russia ! " /Victor An/
A native of South Korea's Ahn Hyun- Soo won four medals (three " gold " and a " bronze" ) at the Olympics in Turin in 2006 , but after injuries and operations lost the opportunity to play for his country .
Arriving in Russia , the athlete has changed his nationality and name. At the Games in 2014 Viktor Antonov won "bronze" at a distance of 1500 m ( the first Russian Olympic medal in the short track ) , "gold" on the 500 and 1000 m, and also helped the Russian team to win the 5,000 m relay
February, 22
Olympic champions
Snowboard (parallel slalom, women) - Julia Duymovits (Austria)
Snowboard (parallel slalom, men) - Vic Wilde (Russia)
Skiing (race, 30 km) - Marit Bjoergen (Norway)
Skating (pursuit, men) – Denmark
Skating (pursuit, women) – Denmark, Russia – bronze
Biathlon (relay race, men) – Russia (Alexei Volkov, Evgeny Ustyugov Dmitry Malishko and Anton SHIPULIN)
Skiing (slalom, men) - Mario Matt (Austria)
February, 22
“I watched biathlon. When Anton Shipulin was the first to finish the race, Dmitry Guberniev said we were all at his feet. It was unbelievable. Hooray! We are the champions!” /Alina Akhmetshina, 8b/
“Victor Ahn is the fastest athlete I’ve ever seen. I’m proud of him.” /Alina Kitova, 8b/
“Watching the competition in biathlon my mother burst into tears of joy when our team won. It is an Olympic champion! Forward, Russia!” /Victoria Vedernikova, 8b/
“Our women’s team consisting of Olga Graf, Catherine Lobysheva, Julia Skolkova won a bronze medal in the pursuit. They outdid themselves.” /Irina Chadova, 8b/
February, 23
Olympic champions
Hockey (men, final) – Canada
Cross-country skiing (men, 50 km) - Alexander Legkov (Russia) - gold, Maxim Vilegzhanin (Russia) - silver, Ilya Chernousov (Russia) - bronze
Bobsleigh (men, four) – Russia (Alexander Zubkov, Alexey Negodaylo, Dmitry Trunenkov, Alexei Governor)
“I watched hockey and felt down because the Canadian team became the Olympic champion and our team didn’t win any medal.” /Marina Klyukina, 9v/
“I liked absolutely everything in the closing ceremony. I especially liked luminious medals. I would like to have the same. I remembered the moment when the giant mascot bear blew out the Olympic cauldron. In my opinion the closing ceremony was perfect. I will remember it for a long time.” /Stepan Cherepanov, 8a/
“The closing ceremony was a little sad and sentimental. Our country showed its traditions and art. I really liked how people were making different figures on the arena such as a fish and waves. It looked very natural! I was surprised when the commentator said that children from all the regions of Russia formed the chorus. They were singing the hymn of Russia very nice. I’m very glad that I was born in Russia!” /Milena Zykina, 8a/
“The closing ceremony was the most impressive and memorable event of the Olympic Games. The involvement of the best athletes and the most talented actors and the support of spectators created a truly unforgettable show.” /Arina Samoilova, 8a/

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