Robin Hood as a National Hero.

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Юнусова Юлия ШамильевнаГБОУ Школа 2095 Покровский КварталRobin Hood as a national hero described in ballads. Early Sources LocationsBarnsdale LocationsSherwood Forest Robin's companions. Little JohnIntelligent and highly capable in the early tales.In Robin Hood's Death, he is the only one of the Merry Men that Robin takes with him.In Robin Hood and the Monk, when Robin Hood is captured, it is Little John who plans his leader's rescue. Robin offers Little John leadership of the band, but John refuses. Later - he is less cunning. Robin's companions. Alan-a-Dale First mentioned in a 17th-century ballad.A minor member of the outlaw band.Romantic heroism. Robin's companions. Much the Miller's Son, Will ScarlettA member of Robin Hood's band from the earliest ballads. Strong. Aggressive.Also known as Will ScathlockAppears in Robin Hood and the Monk 1450, Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne 1475-1500, A Gest of Robyn Hode 1500Will Scarlet is a name that appears in the lists of Robin Hood's "wild fellows." Later Versions. Maid MarianThe love interest of Robin Hood. (dates to the 16th century) Later Versions. Friar TuckCheerful.Solemn.Always a friar, sometimes a priest, and usually the member of Robin Hood's band.Consistently stands out for his independence and his system of belief. King Richard I, "The Lionhearted"King John Tales of Robin HoodSir Guy of Gisborne Tales of Robin Hood The Death of Robin HoodWounded in a fight.Taken to a convent (женский монастырь).One of the nuns - his cousin.She made a cut so that blood could flow from his vein and locked Robin.He blew the horn.Friends heard it but were late to save him. Robin Hood sitesMajor Oak tree Robin Hood sitesRobin Hood's Well Robin Hood sites When and where was the first reference to Robin Hood?Questions Who is the only one of the Merry Men that Robin takes with him?Questions Who is Friar Tuck and what do you remember about him?Questions With the reigns of what kings is Robin linked with?Questions What happened in the first tale we told you?Questions How did Robin die?Questions What sites connected with Robin can you name?Questions THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!

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