Spelling Bee 10

Spelling Bee
Состязание по орфографии или конкурс на лучшее правописание
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Task 1: Listen to the words and write them: Knowledge
Task 2: Choose the right word:
Independence – independance – indipendenceSirvival – survival – survivelThrugh – through – thruhPartisipate – participete –participate
Perswade – persvade – persuade
Appreciation – appreceation – appreciateonAssotiate – associate – assosiateBeautiful – beatiful – beautifullSurprise – sirprise – suprise Exsellent – excelent – excellent
Task 3: Read the text, find and correct the mistakes (there are 10 mistakes in the text).
People travel for thousends of years. A lot of books are writen about courageous travellers and their adventures. It was rather dangeros to travel in the old days. It’s much easier to travel nowadays. A lot of people prefere going by air, cars or trains. It saves time, and time is money. As for me, I try to avoid flying by plane sinse I get airsick. The train is the one means of transport I realy enjoy. Two years ago we went to Vladivoctock. We passed many different regions, and at the little stations the pasengers could buy some local food: berries, fish, pies, and some unbelivably tasty boiled potatos.

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