Spelling Bee 11

Spelling Bee
Состязание по орфографии или конкурс на лучшее правописание
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Task 1: Listen to the words and write them:
Task 2: Choose the right word:
fasinating – facinating - fascinating
although – althogh - allthough anticepate - anticipate - antisipate exception – excepsion - exseption thorougly – thoroughly - thoroghly persvade – perswade - persuade
expirience - experience - experiense fenomenon - phenominon - phenomenon
curcumstances – sircumstances - circumstances
competitive - compititive - compitetiveTask 3: Read the text, find and correct the mistakes (there are 10 mistakes in the text).
It’s not sirprising, that English is one of the most important languages nowadays. English is spoken practicaly all around the world. Learning English is benificial to all. First of all, you get acsess to knowledge. It is necesary in different spheres. Today’s media, such as the internet, television, the press, give us almost unlimited information about our favourite subjects. Most of this information is in English. I learn English because it expands my horisons and prepare me for my succesful career. English is also very useful when you travel abroad. When you speak English to people, they are more friendly and helpful. There are a lot of ways of teaching: listening to the cassetes, reading and translating texts and making dialogues, using the Internet. Besides, a marvellous opportunity to comunicate with native speakers through the Internet is very important. What is more, I would like to take part in different exams and in some exchange programes. It is very useful for me!

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