Герундий или инфинитив

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Текстовое содержимое слайдов:

Debbie likes __________ (swim). swimming Janet wants __________ (buy) a new coat. to buy I’m quite sure they’ll decide _____(go) to England soon. to go I absolutely love _________ (speak) English. speaking I gave up _________ (smoke) some time ago. smoking At the water distributor I stopped ________ (talk) to Barbara. to talk I’d hate ________ (be) a nurse. I can’t stand blood. to be I’m trying ________ (work).Please stop __________ (talk)! to work talking I’m tired. I want ________ (go) to bed. to go The buses usually stop _________ (run) before midnight. running We must avoid _______ (be) late for the meeting. being I’d like __________ (visit) Texas one of these days. to visit Don’t forget __________ (send) me a postcard! to send Goodbye. I hope _________ (see) you again soon. to see Sometimes a country refuses _______ (take) part in the Olympics. to take I’ve agreed _________ (help) organize the trip. to help I really regret _________ (sell) my boat. selling I’m taking the dog out. Would you like ________ (come)? to come I hear you’re preparing _________ (leave) the company. to leave My decision proved _______ (be) the best thing for everyone. to be

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