Презентация по английскому языку «Притяжательные местоимения»

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Текстовое содержимое слайдов:

POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS mine; his; hers; its; yours; ours; theirs Are those gloves Jenny’s?Yes, they’re ___________ hers Do those bikes belong to the twins?Yes, they’re ________ theirs Are those books the children’s?No, they’re not _____ theirs Is that car the policeman’s?Yes, it’s ___________ his Is that Kate’s racket?Yes, it’s ___________ hers Is that David and Linda’s baby?No, it isn’t ________ theirs Is that coat Sophie’s?No, it’s not ___________ hers Is that granny’s teapot?Yes, it’s ________ hers That’s our new house.It’s ________ ours Does that bike belong to you?Yes, it’s ________ mine Does that boat belong to your parents?No, it isn’t ________ theirs Is that John’s watch?No, it isn’t ________ his These photos belong to us. They’re ________ ours Are these keys yours?No, they’re not ________ mine/ours This bag belongs to Mary. It’s ________ hers Do those motorbikes belong to your friends? No, they’re not ________ theirs These are the children’s toys. They’re ________ theirs Is that Jack’s scooter? No, it’s not ________ his Are they your motorbikes? Yes, they’re ________ ours That cottage belongs to my friends. It’s ________ theirs Are those our packed lunches? Yes, they’re ________ ours Is that present for me? Yes, it’s ________ yours Is that present for our grandfather? Yes, it’s ________ his

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