Проект «Британские традиции. Чайная церемония».

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British tea Выполнили учащиеся 6 Б классаИванова Екатерина и Столбова ПолинаРуководитель Нечаева Наталья Николаевна Цели нашего исследования Britain is a tea-drinking nation Everybody knows that Britain is a tea-drinking nation. As a nation,British go through 185 million cups per day! Legend tea A legend says that tea was discover in China in the third millennium BC.When a Chinese Emperor was having breakfast in his garden,a tea leaf feel into his cup with hot water.The water became coloured and the Emperor was delighted with the taste of the new drink. How to come to tea to Britain To Britian,tea came much later.It happened in the 17th centure,when the British ships landed on the shore of China and came back with a load of tea.Tea drinking became fashionable in England after Charles II married the Portuguese princess Catherine of Braganza. The royal family She adored tea,and introduced it the royal court. Just as people today will copy celebrities. Expensive product Tea was an expensive product.It was only for the rich and often kept under lock and key . The British like drink tea with milk. British traditions The British like tea with milk. The British do not like tea with lemon. 5 o,clock tea In the 17th century the British really had two daily meals-breakfast and dinner. At least for the Duchess Anna Maria of Bedford,6 hours between meals was simply too long. She began to ask for a cup of and light snacks to be served around 5 pm,and then began to invite guests to join her. The first tea shop for women The first tea shop for ladies was opened by Thomas Twining in 1717 and slowly tea shops began to appear throughout England. Tea prevents disease The most important thing was that drinking tea prevented lots of diseases-to make the drink people used boiled water and drank less raw water. A storm in a tea cup When there is a lot of trouble about something very unimportant,it is called a storm in a tea cup. Diseases and trouble Tea is the best treatment for all sorts of problems and troubles. Благодаря проекту мы узнали, что чай играет важную роль в жизни британцев. Thank you for your attention!!!

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