Презентация по английскому языку по теме «Glasgow» (страноведение)

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SCOTLAND GLASGOW Scotland is a country in the north of Great Britain. It is a part of the United Kingdom. Scotland is divided on Highlands and Lowlands. In Scotland the highest mountain in the world is situated. It is Ben Nevis. The Highlands is a barren region that covers the northern two thirds of Scotland. There are two major mountain ranges. The highest peak on the British Isles is Ben Nevis. The Lowlands are traversed by several chains of hills. The Lowlands consist of moors broken in some places by rocky cliffs. The tops of the hills are rich pasture land. Many years ago the Scots built lots of large churches beside the river. These churches were called Abbeys. The Scots built Melrose Abbey in 1136 but it was destroyed in 1544 by English people. In the days of the abbeys there were a lot of sheep in the hills and farms and they still are. Like the climate of the rest of Great Britain, that of Scotland is subjected to the moderating influences of the surrounded seas. The river Clyde is Scotland’s most important river. Ships from Atlantic ocean can sail up The Clyde to Glasgow. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh, famous for its Castle. The biggest city in Scotland and the heart of industry is Glasgow. It is situated in 50 miles from Edinburgh, near the western coast of Scotland. Glasgow is an industrial capital of Scotland. It is the third largest city in Great Britain. The population of Glasgow is 1 million people. The city was founded in the 6th century, for a long time the city was not more than a cluster of cottages on the river Clyde. Than the city began to grow and develop. The second university in Scotland was built there and it made Glasgow an important educational centre. The discovering of America led to the increasing import of tobacco, sugar, cotton and the shipbuilding industry began to grow. Soon Glasgow became one of the richest and most successful cities in Britain. In the 18th century Glasgow was already a big port and manufacturing centre. Shipbuilding, iron, steel, machinery, chemicals, textile, clothing, marine and aero engines, road vehicles and machine tools are leading industries in Glasgow. Glasgow is also a cultural centre. There are many interesting museums, art galleries. The people’s Palace tells us about the history of Glasgow. The Museum of Comparative Religion or St Mungo’s Museum explore the world’s different faiths through art. Glasgow cathedral is a wonderful example of Gothic architecture. People of Glasgow are friendly and sociable. The immigrants of previous centuries from Ireland and Highland have added their charm and wit to the city.

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