Лексическая таблица «A stand at a trade fair»

to prepare for an exhibition
to take a stand at…
to man the stand
to book the space
to get in touch with organizers of…
to reserve a place at the exhibition
to hire a stand / a place for a stand / a space for a stand
to make a booking
to afford a stand (which is possible on sb’s budget)
to stand out at business exhibitions
to liaise with organisersto set up stands
to expand sb’s customer base
to find new export markets for sb’s products
to give sb an edge over competition
an opportunity for sb to make an impact on…
to make the very best of…
to impress current clients
to grab people’s attention
to maximise sb’s visitor members
to enhance products and services
to give sb an all-important marketing advantage
to win new business
to give a company prestige
to promote a message or an image
to keep costs down by supplying sb. with existing equipment
to have wide experience of exhibition stand
to provide sb’s stand on time
to build a stand for
to supply custom-build exhibition stands – for hire or sale
to transport all equipment and associated publicity material to the event
to provide sb.
with a solution that meets his brief and matches his budget
to deliver customised exhibition solutions
to provide walk-through and fly-over images
to offer creative designs with a commercial edge
to provide a complete marketing solution for a project, including pre-event promotions, stand design and show-activity
to accommodate about 10 people on the stand at any one time
to offer sb. an exact quotation

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