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4191000-3175NEGOTIATING DEALSretailer
supplier / sole supplier / sourced supplier
to establish a good relationship with sb.
to be ready to reach a compromise
to be flexible
to stick to sb’s demands
to take a long-term view of sb’s relationship with sb.
to be most interested in
to stock / to carry stock / to carry a lot of stock
to keep a supply of sth.
to do a bit of thinking
to sell sth/ for the novelty value
to agree on sth.
to make a decent profit
to agree on details / to sort out the details
to give a discount on sth / an extradiscountto tell payment terms
to place a repeat order / subsequent orders / an order for…units/items
to pay at sight
to renegotiate
to get a deal
to get a 50% mark up
to put in a biggish order
to pay extra
to negotiate a deal
to allow sb. to make a decent profit
to cover overheads / routine costs
to have a very narrow profit margin
to place bulk orders
to expect a hefty discount
to bear no relation to sthto pay in cash
to have goods at a special price
to cause sb severe cashflow problems
to pay promptly

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