Лексическая таблица «Communicating with customers»

Effective means: For:
company newsletter
email bulletin
operator at call centre
visiting sales rep
website (to set the website up)
303228646279free phone/customer help line
to cold call
to sent brochure a new product or service
a price increase
a survey of customers’ opinions
a change of address
dealing with an individual customer’s problem
giving general information about a range of products or services
to develop relations with…
to focus on the parts of smb’s territory
to measure customer satisfaction
to have a way of registering any dissatisfaction
to pride oneself on encouraging dialogue between…
to be honest and up-front
to build long-term relations with…
to help with tiny bits of things
to set up initial communication
to deal with complaints from customers
to create a stronger and more profitable relationship with…
to convert complaints into the increased loyalty, extra business and recommendations
to be ready to hear the feedback
to shape sb’s services
to socialize quiet a lot to demonstrate commitment to clients
to take trouble
to improve the reputation of the company
to avoid having dissatisfied customers
to exceed customers’ expectations
to know how non-verbal communication is interpreted by customers
to handle awkward customer’s appropriately
to respond to whatever customers throw at you
to built rapport with sb.
to provide quality customer service
to be successful at customer care
to win back the lost customers
to approach clients / to keep in contact with clients
to be one of smb’s main ways of communicating on a daily basis
to feel involved

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