Презентация по английскому языку на тему «Описание внешности людей»

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List the words under the following headings:energetic • of medium heightice-skating • optimistic • outgoinglikes scuba diving • cooking • straight nosesensitive • piercing eyes • tenniscasual clothes • arrogant • tannedsailing APPEARANCE PERSONALITY HOBBIES 1. Introduction (Paragraph 1) Name / relationship to you & how / when you met him / her 2. Main body (Paragraphs 2-4) Physical appearance Personality Hobbies, interests, achievements 3. Conclusion (Paragraph 5) Your comments & feelings A – personality & justifications;B – comments & feelings;С – name & when/where/how met;D – physical appearance;E – interests. Keys: 1-C; 2-D; 3-A; 4-E; 5-B. * HEIGHT Short, of medium height, just under six foot, tall BUILD Skinny, overweight, slender, well-built, petite AGE In her mid-twenties/thirties etc., late teens, middle-aged, elderly COMPLEXION Dark-skinned, pale-skinned, wrinkled, tanned, freckled/rosy/rough, dry skin FACE Round, attractive, heart-shaped, high-cheekbones, triangular, long oval, square HAIR Curly, straight, long, blond, dyed, thick, medium-length, spiky, permed, neatly-combed, ponytail, bun, shoulder-length, brown EYES Deep blue, light brown, sparkling, piercing, sad, almond-shaped, tear-filled, expressive, lively NOSE Hooked, crooked, long, straight, upturned CLOTHES Formal, casual, designer, fashionable Jane is quite good-looking. She’s slim with…and…hair.She’s pale-skinned with a…nose. She always looks well-dressed in…clothes. 1. Lyn is very shy. She doesn’t like going to parties. 2. Josh can sometimes be rather selfish. (NOT: Josh is selfish.) Tend to, seem to, is rather, can sometimes be etc. Мой друг очень упрямый. Моя сестра всегда ведет себя по-детски. - Он ужасно неорганизован. Tend to, seem to, is rather, can sometimes be etc. energetic 2. easy-going 3. talkative 4. lazy 5. bossy 6. optimistic 7. ambitious 8. selfish 9. hot-tempered 10. popular in addition, also, and, both…and, moreover, as well as, but, on the other hand, however, although etc. She is both kind and helpful. Moreover, she never loses her temper. She is independent and knows her own mind. However, she is sometimes very stubborn. APPEARANCE PERSONALITY HOBBIES

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