Презентация по английскому языку на тему «Что такое e-mail?» (правила написания)

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What is an e-mail? Email or E-mail – [`i:meil] 1. A system for sending messages from one computer to another; 2. A written message (letter) sent by email Informal language Hi!Dear…How are you?/ How is it going?It was great to hear from you.Well,… / so,…/ anyway,…/ by the way,…/ however,…One last thing./ Oh, and another thing!All my love,/ Lots of love,/ All the best,/ Write soon,/ Hope to hear from you. Short forms I have got – I’ve gotI would like – I’d likeI am really glad – I’m really gladThey have been – they’ve been Informal punctuation Imagine!!!I can’t believe it!!!Take care!Write soon!We’re going to write a test tomorrow (boring!!!) Match the formal language with the informal language. Dear Mr. Smith/ Dear Sir, Madam I hope you are well I am writing to inform you In addition I wonder if you could tell me I look forward to hearing from you Yours sincerely/ Yours faithfully Let me tell you about…!Tell me…All my loveCan’t wait to hear from you!Hope everything is okayDear Tina,Oh, and another thing! Informal E-mail Part Purpose Notes Useful expressions First line Greet your penfriend (first name only) Dear..., First main paragraph Thank penfriend for letter; mention smth. in their letter Hi! How are you?/ How is it going? / Thanks (a lot) for your (last) email / message/ letter…/ It was great to hear…/I’m glad… Second main paragraph Give your main news + how you feel about it Today I went… / It was…/ I felt/ feel.../ I think Third main paragraph Continue your news By the way,…/ So…/ Well…/ Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you Fourth main paragraph Give a reason for ending the letter (Well,) I’d better go now as…/ I have to go now as… Closing expressions Final remark, express love Write soon!/ Take care, and hope to hear from you soon./ See you soon! / Love,/ Lots of love, / all the best Final line Say who you are (first name only) …………… Dear Lizzy,Hi! How is it going? Thanks a lot for your last message. It was great to hear from you. I’m really glad that you had a great time in Paris. I’ve got lots to tell you, too.Well, yesterday I went virtual shopping! You know, I’m the kind of person who likes going shopping with my friends. I also like trying things on to see if they fit and whether they suit me. However, Tattoo Clothes have a lovely catalogue, which they send free to your home address and where they advertise their online shopping services.So, I decided to visit their website. The prices were very reasonable as the sales were on. I ordered a pair of jeans, two tops and a swimming costume. Today they’ve been delivered. Imagine!!! They all fit perfectly, so I won’t have to send anything back! I’m sure you should try and order some clothes online, too. It’s really convenient. Anyway, I’d better go now. Mum wants me to help with the housework before I do my homework. Take care, Lizzy, and stay in touch!Lots of love,Dana. Write an e-mail to teachermail@mail.ru You went shopping for New Year holidays. Write what you bought for your family and friends. You may mention any other news you have as well.

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