Презентация к уроку по теме «Мир Науки» к учебнику Верещагиной 8 класс

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The World of Science The 17 th of February The World of Science•the definition of science•famous scientists•great inventions and discoveries•role of science in our life Science 1)is the development and systematization of people’s knowledge about the physical universe. 2) is a brunch of people’s knowledge about the physical universe. Science Sciences study the natural world especially based on examining, testing and proving facts. The sciences include physics, chemistry, geology and biology Arts are academic disciplines that study human culture. The Arts include ancient and modern languages, literature, philosophy, religion, music and theatre, history, communication studies. Read and Repeat Find a name to each of these sciences: The study of things that occur naturally, such as heat, light, sound, electricity, magnetism. physics chemistry astronomy The science of living things. botany chemistry biology The science dealing with measurements, numbers and quantities. botany mathematics physics The scientific study of the Earth through its rocks, soil etc. geography geology zoology The scientific planning of a machine, road, bridge etc. physics microbiology engineering The scientific study of the planets, stars, the Sun etc. of outer space. geology mathematics astronomy The science that deals with the nature of substances and the ways in which they act on, or combine with, each other. physics chemistry microbiology The scientific study of plants. botany chemistry zoology The scientific study of animals. botany microbiology zoology The branch of biology that deals with the study of microorganisms. chemistry microbiology astronomy Great discoveries or Great Inventions? DISCOVERED INVENTED Is It Science that Does Us Good or Does it Bring Disaster? What discoveries in the history of mankind do you regard as breakthroughs? What inventions in the history of mankind do you regard as most important? What things can you describe as marvels of modern science? What is the contribution of Russia to the progress of science? How do you understand the terms “high technology” and “new technology”? Do they describe absolutely the same things? What makes the work of a scientist dull on the one hand and exiting on the other? What in your opinion does a scientist do? Give an example. Some people say, “The world of science has no borders”. In what way is it true? Write another paragraph to complete this text: We live in the fascinating and challenging world of science. It is a world that more and more over the ages, and especially in the 20th century has become to affect so much of our lives. It is involved with the way we eat and the way travel, the homes we live in and the clothes we wear, how we become ill and how medicine can make us better, and gas given us fantastic means of communicating and exploring.Because science will be around us even more in the future, tomorrow’s adults must start learning today to be ready to take their places in this computerized, transistorized, antibiotic, nuclear, supersonic age! Thank You!

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