Лексическая таблица «Business Meeting»

to hold a meeting
to set up a meeting
to chair a meeting
to call off a meeting
to put off a meeting
to adjourn a meeting
to skip a meeting
to interrupt a meeting
to arrange a meeting
to run a meeting
to be busy to go to meetings
produce action plans
exchange or pass information
build plans
motivate sales staff
solve problems
brainstorm ideas
stimulate creativity
take decisions
share information
to have an agenda
to be circulated in advance
to be responsible for the success of the meeting
to take the minutes
to agree a list of action points
to be for a fixed length of time
to prepare beforehand
to get together presentation
to do a bit of research
to find statistics
to work on the problem
to get people to go to the meetings
to get a good range of problems
to look at some potential solutions
to exaggerate things
to get a feel for sth.
to be in favour of / to advocate
to state the objectives to be the cornerstone of teams
to be the basis for corporate existence
to correct smb’s accounts
to waste huge amounts of time
to frame the question carefully
to enlist colleagues’ help
to speak to much at meetings
to positive enough at meetings to make the working life more productive
to reach decisions
to get participants to reach a conclusion
to end at chaos with everyone talking at once
to encourage positive feedback
to fail due to poor presentation
to achieve sth.
to productive
to pay proper attention to putting solutions to practice
to have positive outcomes

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