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CUSTOMER LOYALTYto take customers from satisfaction to loyalty
to find links between business culture, employee loyalty, customer loyalty and revenue growth
55568851177925to have a mystery-shopper system / a system of customer comment cards / the loyalty card / customer-service desk / customer- relations department
to have a strong hand to smb.
to view sb. as the provider of choice
to look for the lowest-cost vendor
to be smb’s key competitive advantage
to have the impact on smb’s bottom line
to serve as smb’s best marketer
to have a strong return on investment
to be easy/ problematic to do business with
to show: responsiveness / integrity / trust / professionalism
to be focused on the customer
to deliver/provide excellent customer service
to revenue
to maintain competitive differentiation
to do a sample shop
to increase customer loyalty
to give smb. better competitive advantage

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