The weather today

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The weather todayКостылева Е.В.,учитель английского языка2014 год It’s snowy.
It’s rainy.
It’s windy.
It’s sunny.
It’s cloudy.
It’s hot.
It’s cold
It’s warm
What season is it?This season is white. It's snowy and cold. The children like to ski, to play snowballs, to make a snowman.It’s winter

What season is it?This season is green. It's warm. Sometimes it’s rainy. The trees are green. The children can roller-skate, ride a bike, run, skateboard. It’s spring

This season is yellow. The trees are yellow and red. It's cloudy and windy. The children go to school. They can run, play football after school.What season is it?It’s autumn

This season is sunny and hot. We can see many flowers. The flowers are yellow, red, pink, purple. The children can swim and dive in the sea, go to the river and to the forest.What season is it?It’s summer

1. In winter we can skiswimride a bikestyle.textDecorationUnderline
2.In summer it’s snowycoldsunnystyle.textDecorationUnderline
4. We take an umbrella when it’s coldit’s windyit’s rainystyle.textDecorationUnderline

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