Test 1b

Шаферова Ирина Валерьевна,
Test 1b
Choose the correct answer.
I think Paul is …of me because I have a new bike. 11. James and I get along very well although we don’t always see eye to … .jealous dishonest mean eye ear
Marta is …but sometimes she makes things more difficult instead if easier. 12. I can’t stand Michael. He’s a pain in the … .patient well-meaning caring back neck
Kate is a very kind and … girl; she believes whatever people tell her. 13. Get off my … and stop teasing me! I’m really not in the mood!
loyal trusting supportive back shoulder
Ian is quite …; one minute he’s all happy, the next he’s upset. 14.She’s so annoying! She always gets on my …!
selfish moody aggressive neck nerves
I love this artist’s painting; he’s very … .15. No one likes our classmate and everybody gives him the cold … when he comes in.
respectful comfortable creative eye shoulder
6. What’s up? 16. I’ve never seen Luke in such a bad mood; he’s like a bear with a sore … .Not too bad. And you? Nothing much. back head
7. You’re looking well. 17. She's got a … role in the school play.  
Thanks, so are you. Oh, perfect! supportive supporting
8. Somebody has stolen your sandwich again. 18. Be … ! The stove is hot!  
Oh, perfect! Yeah, fine! careful caring
9. Do you enjoy cycling? 19. He's too … to buy her a ring.
Really! I’m crazy about it! mean well-meaning
10. Jane is late again. 20. He was … and admired by his peers. 
I’m sick and tired of it. That’s crazy!’
respected respectful
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12-15 16-18 19-20

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