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Шаферова Ирина Валерьевна
2016, Санкт-Петербург
Entry test
Luckily, Jason was able to … a full recovery after his accident.
have make do
Jenny only eats dairy products which are…in fat.
low short small
On the last night of the festival, they … amazing fireworks.
burn let off go off
Dean has a nasty …of leaving all lights on when he leaves the house.
custom habit tradition
This painting…a scene from the artist’s hometown.
sketches designs portrays
Can you help me open an email…, please? I don’t know how to do it.
account subscription connection
Bill bumped into a door and …his eye.
broke bruised sprained
I think you should talk to someone who can help you…your fear of heights.
face trigger realiseOf all the household chores,… furniture with a cloth is the one I mind the least.
dusting mopping vacuuming
Stewart enjoys reading the paper while …his morning coffee.
swallowing chewing sipping
The actor performed a dangerous…which nearly cost him his life.
plot effect stunt
Jack can’t …to the Internet, because there’s something wrong with his modem.
access connect download
If you’re looking for a dog, why don’t you get one from the animal…?
hall shelter station
With four little children running around, it’s not always easy for Sarah to…the house tidy.
keep make do
Sine there is …gravity in space, astronauts have to strap everything down so it doesn’t float away.
vacuum airless zero
Though the film has a(n)…cast, it hasn’t received very good reviews.
all-star box-office action-packed
…creatures such as giants, dragons and sea monsters often appear in Northern European folklore.
optical mythical extinct
Cake sales are a great way to …money for charities, as they are inexpensive and easy to organize.
win raise attract
One of the most exciting events in Berlin’s Carnival of Cultures is its colourful, four-day street … .contest march parade
Peter and Bob enjoy playing football at their local…every Saturday.
porch pitch place
While Ben…up the ladder, he fell and hurt his back.
had climbed was climbing climbed
I …this exercise; can you help me, please?
‘m not understanding don’t understand won’t understand
Penny…china dolls ever since she was a teenager.
has been collecting was collecting had collecting
Make sure you read the instructions before you…the camera for the first time.
will use are using use
The room …awful.
smell smells is smelling
You look tired. … you ….all day?
Do you work Have you worked Have you been working
-The phone’s ringing!
-I… it!
am answering will answer answer
I …the parade when I saw an old friend in the crowd.
watched was watching were watching
I …my homework by the time my dad came home.
did was doing had done
-Look at the little boy by the pool.
-Oh dear! He…in!
will fall is going to fall is falling
Phrasal verbs
I ran …a friend I hadn’t seen for a long time yesterday.
over into across
Can you keep…the kitchen while I’m cooking? I’m preparing a surprise for you!
off out out of
The factory suffered major damage as a result of the fire that broke…last night.
into up out
As I was going through some old books, I came …the first fairy tale my parents had ever bought me.
over up with across
My grandmother looks… my baby sister while my mother works.
up after forward to
Dependent prepositions
After the earthquake, most houses in the old village were left …ruins.
in at on
Eating too much junk food and not exercising can lead…health problems.
to at in
When the little girl heard that the clown wouldn’t be able to make it to her party, she burst …tears.
into with to
This sauce was made …tomatoes and fresh vegetables.
by with of
I'm not usually much good … this sort of game, but I'll give it a go.
in from at
-ing form/(to) infinitive
Alex says he’d like …to Edinburgh rather than drive all the way up there.
to fly fly flying
I must … this essay tonight. I have to hand it in tomorrow.
finishing finish to finish
Brian really enjoys …his guitar.
playing play to play
I’m not keen on …novels. I prefer watching TV.
reading read to read
The story made me… .crying cry to cry
If I …enough vitamins, I will stay healthy.
get got will get
If he hadn’t eaten the prawns, he…an allergic reaction.
won’t have would not have would not have had
If I …you, I would see the doctor.
was were am
I wish I …on holiday, but I am not.
am were had been
If only I …so much homework to do! I’d love to go out with my friends.
wouldn’t have hadn’t had didn’t have
English in Use
I found 20 pounds in the street!
What’s the matter? Lucky you! Better luck next time!
Can you give me a hand with the printer?
That’s really kind of you! Have you tried running a search? Sure, what’s the problem?
I suggest you that you reboot the system.
I’ve already tried that and it didn’t work. Sure, what’s the problem?
Have you tried running a search?
John’s in hospital with a broken leg.
Oh, that’s good! Oh, dear! What happened? Hmm…I don’t know.
Do you think you’ll pass the exam?
Excellent! I really hope so! Good luck!
I’m ill.
Good luck! Get well soon! Oh, that’s good!
I didn’t do well in the competition.
Lucky you! Better luck next time! That’s a load of rubbish!
1. Is there any risk-free alternative to tattoo?
2. What equipment is used?
3. What are the motives for getting a tattoo?
4. What is tattoo ink made from?
5. Is getting a tattoo dangerous?
6. What are the most popular tattoo designs?
7. How old is the tattooing tradition?
8. Can tattoos be removed?
A. Tattoos are surprisingly popular in different parts of the globe. The oldest tattooed person, the so-called Iceman, is a frozen mummy found in the Alps in 1991. The frozen man, aged more than 5000 years, has 57 tattoos! The scientists think that they were created with some sharp instruments like thorns, and ash from fireplace was used instead of ink. There's also a theory that Iceman's tattoos were made for medical reasons rather than for any other, reason.
B. Medical tattoos mark the places where acupuncture needles need to be used, however, that reason for getting a tattoo is rare. Tattooing for religious and spiritual reasons happens much more often. Soldiers and sailors get tattoos in memory of their battles and journeys. Some people tattoo the names of those they love, and some get tattoos for no reason at all, just because they think it's cool.
C. There are lots of tattooing techniques. Some tribes in Africa make cuts on the body and rub ash into them. Tattooists may also work with sharpened sticks or animal bones — the procedure is painful and not at all hygienic. In modern studios electric machines are usually used. They have one or more needles that quickly go in and out of the skin. The machine has ink containers and the ink gets into the skin via the needles. For safety reasons the needles should only be used once.
D. In the past, tattoo ink was made from tree bark, ash and coal dust. Later, pen ink was often used. Today, the inks produced by factories are usually made of metal salts and metal oxides. Heavy metals are used for colouring too: cadmium gives red and orange shades, aluminum — green and violet, cobalt — blue, titanium — white. There's no need to say that heavy metals may cause allergies and some far more serious diseases, cancer included.
E. Parents may get outraged by their children's desire for tattoos and they've got good reasons to get panicky  — apart from ink related risks, getting tattoos is associated with the risk of infection. Anything from skin infections to tuberculosis and even AIDS can be transmitted via the instruments. If the tattooist ignores strict hygienic requirements, like using fresh ink for each session, changing gloves after each stage of tattooing or disinfecting the furniture, the client may catch a very serious disease.
F. Another reason against permanent tattoos is... their permanent character. You may like it now but people tend to change their preferences. A safe alternative is a temporary tattoo which lasts for only a few weeks. Their main advantage is that the skin is not damaged — the tattoo artist just applies henna on it. This type of tattoos is popular with fashion models who care for their bodies and don't want them to get damaged.
G. The actress Amy Taylor says that she got her tattoo when she was sixteen. She thought it was cool, but several years later the tattoo became a nuisance. Amy wanted to get it removed. She believed that modern technologies like laser treatment could do it easily but the doctors warned her that the tattoo wouldn't be fully removed anyway. The treatment is usually long, expensive and rather painful — getting the tattoo is much easier.
1 2 3 4 5
The speaker talks about the role of music in people’s lives.
The speaker talks about his/her favourite musical instrument.
The speaker talks about the benefits of learning English with songs.
The speaker talks about the importance of playing musical instruments.
The speaker talks about the possible negative effects of music.
The speaker talks about a concert that he/she did not like.
Entry test
Vocabulary Grammar English in use
Tenses Depend.prep. 51.
21. 36. 52.
22. 37. 53.
23. 38. 54.
24. 39. 55.
25. 40. 56.
26. __/5 57.
27. (*2) __/14
28. Ing-form/inf29. 41. Reading
30. 42. __/10 43. 44. (*3) __/21
Phrasal verbs 45. 31. __/5 32. 33. Conditionals Listening
34. 46. 35. 47. __/5 48. (*3) __/15
__/20 49. 50. __/5
Teacher’s note
Vocabulary Grammar English in use
b Tenses Depend.prep. 51.b
a 21.b 36.a 52.c
b 22.b 37.a 53.a
b 23.a 38.a 54.b
c 24.c 39.b 55.b
b 25.b 40.c 56.b
b 26.c __/5 57.b
a 27.b (*2) __/14
a 28.b Ing-form/infc 29.c 41.a Reading
c 30.b 42.b 7324518
b __/10 43.a b 44.a (*3) __/21
a Phrasal verbs 45.c c 31.b __/5 a 32.c b 33.c Conditionals Listening
b 34.c 46.a c 35.b 47.c b __/5 48.b (*3) __/15
__/20 49.b 50.c __/5

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