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Шаферова Ирина Валерьевна
2016г., Санкт-Петербург
Grammar check. Future
Future simple/be going to/present continuous
It’s really cold in here. I ___ close the window.
I bought all these things from the supermarket because I ___ have a party on Saturday.
We ___ move to our new house next month.
Mum I promise, I __ do my homework when the football ____ finish.
I think Justin Timberlake’s fans ___ love his new album.
What are your plans for the summer? I . .. .. . .. take a cruise to the Bahamas!
I don't know how to save this file. Don't worry, I ........ help you.
I'm going out for a walk. Are you staying here? No, I ........ come too.
I don't have any money. I'm broke. I .. .. .. .. lend you some, but I need it back by Saturday.
What are these eggs for? I . .. .. . .. bake a cake for Tom's birthday.
I've got a terrible headache. Then take an aspirin and lie down. You ........ feel a lot better.
Look at that girl over there carrying all those books. I think she ........ drop them!
Future simple/be going to/present simple/present continuous
What are you plans for the weekend? I am going/will go to my hometown.
Be careful! You will drop/are going to drop the books!
Look at how fast David can run! I know. He will be/is going to be a sprinter when he is older.
Your room is untidy! I know. I will tidy/am going to tidy it later.
We’ve run out of milk. I know. I am going to/will go and get some.
Have you made an appointment with the dentist yet? Yes, I am seeing/will see him tomorrow.
My car doesn’t work, so I am taking/will take the train to work tomorrow.
I’m tired. I think I will have/am having a glass of milk and then go to bed.
Be careful! You are falling/are going to fall if you don’t come down from that tree.
Do you come/ Are you coming to Greg's dinner party this evening?
Tom's bus will have left/leaves at 7 pm.
What's the weather like outside? Do you think it is going to rain/is raining today?
The school orchestra is performing/performs in Berlin this weekend.
I'm helping/I’ll help you with your homework when I finish mine.
Will you help/ Are you helping me with the dishes?
It's very cold. lt's going to snow/is snowing later tonight.
The plane will have been landing/ lands at 8:45 pm.
Future cont/future perfect/future perfect continuous
1 A: This time next week I ........ (fly) to Madrid. B: Really? Can I join you?
2 A: You've been surfing the Net all morning! B: Yes. By 11 o'clock I ........ (surf) the Net for four hours.
3 A: Have you moved to your new flat yet? B: No, I ........ (move) at the end of this week. (plan)
4 A: ........ (you/go) shopping later today? B: Yes. Do you need anything from the shops?
5 A: You look tired! B: Yes. By 9 o'clock I ........ (study) for five hours.
6 A: Why don't you come to my house at seven o'clock? B: ........ (you/come) back from work by then?
7 A: Sarah is retaking her driving test next week. B: I know. She ........ (take) it three times by then!
8 A: Haven't the builders finished repairing the roof yet? B: No, not yet. By the end of this week, they
........ (repair) the roof for two weeks.
Underline the appropriate time phrase and put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.
1 Don't forget to turn off the lights after/before you ........ (leave) the house.
2 I . . . . . . . . (vacuum) the carpets while/since you ........ (do) the ironing.
3 By the time/As long as Sam ........ (realise) his mistake, it ........ (be) too late.
4 He ........ (not/know) when/until she ....... . (come) back.
5 I ........ (call) you as soon as/until I ....... . (arrive) home.
6 I . . . . . . . . (pay) you back the moment/while I ........ (get) paid. Underline the correct item.
1 I'll take some food with me in case/so that I get hungry.
2 Peter got a loan from the bank so to/in order to buy a new house.
3 Sue has bought a microwave in case/so that she wants to heat up food quickly.
4 Tom upgraded his Internet connection to broadband so as to/in order that be able to surf the Net faster.

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