Outstanding Chuvash Scientists.Gennady Nickandrovich Volkov.
Gennady Nickandrovich Volkov was born in the village named Bolshiye Yalchiki on the 31st of October in 1927 year. He`s a pedagogue, a professor, a Doctor of Pedagogics, an academician of the Russian academy of education, a writer-publicist, a founder of the ethnopedagogics.
Gennady Volkov is the author of more than 1000 publications, about 50 monographics included. Being able to speak many Turkish languages, he proved the moral and spiritual unity of the Russian and Turkic nations on the grounds of origins, generalized his research and presented it to the public. What is more, Volkov`s ethnopedagogical conception of the national school was officially acknowledged.
Gennady Nickandrovich trained more than 100 Doctors and Candidates of Pedagogics out of the representatives of more than 30 Russian nationalities. In their turn, his students are at the heads of ethnopedogogical schools in the field now.
Volkov`s main achievement is the monography named “Ethnopedogogics of the Chuvash nation”, which he managed to defend as a Doctor`s thesis. Moreover, his work named “Ethnopedagogics” was approved by the ministry of education as a course book for universities and schools. In 2002-2003 Volkov published a two-volume edition of “Pedagogics of Love”.
Feizov Enver has also contributed to the area of psychology and philosophy. The basic scientific ideas of E. Z. Feizov in fundamental philosophy became a valuable heritage in the fields of psychology, social philosophy. His methodological recommendations have been acknowledged in neurophysiology and a theory of artificial intelligence. Feizov`s most noticeable work is “Brain, psychic, physics” 2007.

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