Итоговый тест по английскому языку в 7 классе

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Final test Form 7 public school In which expression does the word “public” mean “not for everybody”? Druids Those people in white clothes scared Julius Caesar. Vikings They lived in Scandinavia and had big ships. Romans In the 1st centuries AD they were the strongest empire in the world. The Hermitage It’s the biggest museum in St Petersburg. AD (нашей эры) Were you born in AD or BC? Why? Eton is not a university, it’s a public school. John Lewis has finished school and wants to go to the university. He has chosen Eton. What is the problem? Bill Gates This rich and famous man never graduated from university. Robert Scott He tried to be the first because he wanted to bring glory (слава) to his country, but bad planning killed him. The Tsar Bell and the Tsar Cannon In the heart of Moscow there are two things that are the biggest in the world. What are they? snowboarding You’ll have to be strong and brave. You’ll have to love a challenge. You’ll need a lot of expensive equipment. What sport is it about? Tretyakov He founded the most famous gallery in Moscow. Hastings This place near the sea has the same name as one of the most important battles in English history. King Arthur This King of England had a friend called Merlin. He also had a round table. What was the name of the king? What was that table for? Pooper scooper People in England use it when they walk their dogs. If they don’t use it, they’ll probably have to pay a fine. test John doesn’t want to show it to anybody. His teacher wrote a letter E on it. Glass bottle It is a container and it lasts forever. Rosy Which of the characters in the book has two brothers? Washington What is the capital of the USA? Dutch What language do they speak in Holland? School uniform All Russian pupils had to wear it until 1991, but very few pupils wear it now. In England a lot of pupils have to wear it every day. What is it? St Petersburg This city is used to be the capital of Russia. Moscow This city had been the capital of Russia before Peter the Great built St Petersburg. Do lines Imagine that you are a pupil in an English school. Show everybody that your teacher has punished you. A torch What do you need if you want to read in a tent? The game is over!

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