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Shakhty Russia Shakhty Russia Shakhty Russia Italy Italy Sevastopol

Graffiti Сценарий урока 1. Орга низационный момент . T. Good afternoon boys and girls! I ’ m Svetlana Ivanovna. I will be your English teacher today. I am from Shakhty. It ’ s a town situated not far from Rostov. It ’ s called the town of Olympic champions. A lot of t hem have lived in Shakhty. I am sure you know their names V. Alexeyev, D.Rigert, A. Silnov and others. We are now and here, I will try to do my best in teaching you English, and I am sure you will do your best in learning English. So, let us start. 2. Осно вная часть T. Now, let ’ s look at the screen and try to guess what we are going to talk about. (Просмотр д емонстрационного материала ) Any ideas? Children: about graffiti. T. You are right. Thank you. Are there any writers in our group? 1) Yes, I ’ m a writer. T. Oh! I ’ m glad to hear that. You ’ ll be my helper at the lesson. 2) No, there are not. So what does a writer do? Does he write poems and novels or graffiti? (If you don ’ t know the answer , look at your sheets. There you can see graffiti language. Read the answer , please. T. What is called a “ tag” ? (It ’ s a writer signature with spray paint or marker) What is known as “ crews” ? ( Communities of writers who are friends) What writers are call ed “ toys” ? T. Now, through graffiti facts and read out which of them is the most interesting for you. T. Well done! Now you are ready to read the article about the history of American graffiti. Work in pairs. In the file, you can find six questions. In som e minutes, be ready to answer them. 1. Where did New Yorkers use to see the graffiti? 1. They used to see the graffiti on the walls of poor neighborhoods and subway trains. 2. Why did New Yorkers hate graffiti up to the 1970s? 2. They consid ered it as an eyesore. 3. What way was graffiti punishable? 3. It was illegal and punishable by fines. 4. What status does graffiti have nowadays? 4. It has the status of “ street art”. 5. When was a real craze for graffiti art? 5. It was in the early 1980s 6. What kind of music did graffiti come back with? 6. Graffiti came back with hip-hop music. T. Thank you for your answers. And now let ’ s divide our group into two parts. One half of the group will be for graffiti and the other one will be against it. Look at different opinions of the teenagers from different countries. You are not now the students of gymnasium 35 you are boys and girls from all over the world. Choose the opinion. Then introduce yourself. (I ’ m Annam. I ’ m 18, I ’ m from Germany) and read your opinion. Well done! Now let ’ s listen to one more opinion on graffiti. Then you give short answers. (К онтроль аудирования через аудир ование ) 1. Has Ann a son or a daughter? 2. Has her son finished an art or music school? 3. Is she sure that graffiti is art? 4. Is graffiti writing cheap or expensive? 5. Is her son a writer or a toy? T. Now let ’ s work in groups of four . Take the sticker from the back of your chair. If it is green , come here. If it is yellow , sit there. If it is p ink , stay at this desk. Now you are not teenagers. The first group is a group of teachers. The second - local authorities. The third one is a crew. ( A community of writers who are friends). In 3 minutes be ready to express your opinion. 3. Заключительная часть T. Our lesson is coming to the end. So, I ’ d like you to express your own opinion on graffiti. Take your sticker and put it on the posters for and against. And we ’ ll see. So let ’ s count 10- for, 2 – against. To sum up , you consider graffiti to be an art. You are for graffiti. I share your opinion. You are smart. Your English is perfect. Thank you for the lesson. Good bye!

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