Future profession — Bank Officer

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Future profession -Bank Officer Исполнители: Цыплакова Ирина иМоскварцева ТатьянаСтудентки 4 курса группы БД 12.1Специальность «Банковское дело»Руководитель: Гаврищук И.А. The profession of a banker is a widespread and popular these days. Bank clerk - a man with economic education and working in a Bank. The responsibilities of the banker depends on his position. They work with clients: service, consultations on various issues, as well as analysis, planning, forecasting. Banking specialist can work not only in banks but also in the planning departments of various companies, divisions of investment planning, financial institutions, insurance companies, credit institutions, stock exchanges. The credit division receives applications for loans, analyzing the financial condition of the borrower maintains a credit file and carries out control over target use of credit, control of safety Deposit. The decision on issuance of credit is accepted by credit Committee consisting of the heads of various departments of the Bank. The securities Department is engaged in placement of securities on the stock exchange and the market, investing in profitable securities; and issue of own promissory notes, for the purpose of raising funds. Stock division stocks and bonds of the Bank on the market. Operations Department maintains and manages the accounts of customers, accepts the customers their orders in making the payments and passes them for execution to the accounts Department. The Department of plastic cards is an integral structure of a modern Bank. Plastic cards from the Bank's additional clients and additional revenue. In the profession Bank clerk important the following qualities: good memory, analytical mind, diligence and attentiveness, stress resistance, honesty, sociability, kindness, propensity to work with numbers and documents. In Russia the Central Bank has been running since 24 June 2013 currently Elvira Nabiullina. The most widespread and popular Bank in Russia is Sberbank. Sberbank is a universal Bank providing a wide range of banking services. The Board Is Headed By President Herman Gref.

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