UK Banks

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Topic : «UK Banks»Выполнили студентки: Веревкина Е. А. и Талбакова Я.А.4 курса группы БД 12.1Преподаватель: Гаврищук И.А.Орехово-Зуево, 2016 г. The history of banks.Banks have historically emerged much before its name. It is believed that the word "Bank" comes from the German "die" Bank or from the Italian «Banko», in both cases, the translation means «bench». The development banks takes place in England. The Bank of England, which later became the state Central Bank was established in 1694. Now banks are financial institutions that focus available funds (deposits), give them temporary use in the form of loans (loans, grants), mediate in mutual payments and settlements between enterprises, institutions or individuals, produce daily papers, and perform other operations. The Bank of England The Central Bank of the United Kingdom, founded in 1694. He is one of the oldest banks in the world, giving primacy only to the Swiss Bank. BarclaysOne of the largest in the UK and the world financial conglomerates with a broad presence in Europe, USA and Asia. HSBC Is one of the largest banking groups in the world, was founded in 1865. The Bank originally intended for the financing and development of commercial and economic ties between Europe, China and India. Lloyds Banking Group Is the largest retail Bank in the UK. The company occupies 59th position in the Fortune Global.

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