Speciality Banking«My profession — my future»

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Speciality Banking«My profession - my future»Выполнили:Студентки группы БД12.1.Иванова Ю.Ю.Захарова А.В.Преподаватель: Гаврищук И.А.Министерство образования Московской областиГосударственное образовательное учреждение высшего образования Московской области «Государственный гуманитарно-технологический университет»(ПЭК ГГТУ) ,Banking experts are in demand at the moment. They can be employed in different organizations without problems. They are taken to work in the investment companies in financial institutions, credit institutions, to the exchange. Obligations of specialists in the field of banking can be very different:Predicting cash operationsThe processing and issuing of payment cardsAn analysis of the borrower's financial situationMaking extracts from personal accounts of clientsConducting operations on the interbank market A qualified specialist should know:basic economic modelsmarket practices and economic principles of functioning of the Russian banking systemthe procedure for carrying out banking operations and transactionsmethods for assessing the creditworthiness and solvency of clients гBank employees - are the basis of the country's well-being Place of workBanking specialist can work not only in the banks but also in the planning departments of various companies Famous bankersMayer Amschel BauerGeorge PeabodyHerbert Stepic Ideal banker«Banker - this is , above all, sane person»Very important quality for a banker - the ability to effectively work in a team

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