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ProfessionIT-specialistВыполнил студент: Говоров Иван.4 курс группа ПКС 12.1Преподаватель: Гаврищук И.А. All professions and specialties associated with programming and computer science, appeared relatively recently. The first system administrators appear with the emergence of the first computer network, which was established in the US military in the 1980s. In the late 80's - early 90-ies there is the most famous to date Internet network, which gradually begins to spread throughout the world.       The work of such a broad and complex network, you must be monitored. It then begins to receive widespread profession of system administrator. To date, the existence of a large variety of regional and global computer networks leads to widespread popularity of this profession.The history of the profession
No company, computer park which consists of more than one machine, can not exist without the system administrator (IT-specialist). Its main task is to create and support the internal computer network of the company. This may include: server maintenance, hardware and software, information security issues. In small companies, a sysadmin can serve PBX.What does the IT-specialist?
IT-specialist often faced with a variety of a variety of problems. And because the main qualities in his character of mind and patience. It must be attributed to the ability of the profession to people also concentrate and instantly switch from one type of work to another; quickly find elegant solutions and equally well how to deal with routine work, and with the creative tasks.Personal qualities: care;carefulness;systematic work;patience;perseverance;accuracy;painstaking;a responsibility.Personal qualities:

IT-specialist work in the field of computer services, electronic information networks and office equipment in virtually any organization:enterprises and organizations;companies and firms;computing centers;banks;educational establishments.Application of professional knowledge:

preparation and preservation of data backups, periodic inspection and their destruction;installing and configuring the required updates to the operating system and used by programs;installation and configuration of new hardware and software;creating and maintaining up to date user accounts;responsible for information security in the company;Troubleshooting in the system;planning and execution of works to expand the network structure of the enterprise;documentation of all actions performed.Duties

Employers usually require a lot of experience and knowledge of computer systems for these vacancies. Normally, this should be supported by a diploma of higher special education and other special courses. Some employers do not need education, but applicants must have certification and experience.Training and retraining can help achieve many results. Analytical skills are also needed for this specialty.What training needs?
System Administrator - demanded a trade, but not every company provides a full-time unit. Often practiced a guest sysadmin that once or several times a week comes to the organization and is engaged in setting up, commissioning, repair and maintenance. His responsibilities include: information security, troubleshooting in systems or computers, installation of new hardware and software, system updates and computer programs, data backups, periodic updating, creation of user credentials, the creation of databases.Mass and the uniqueness of the profession
Profession “IT-specialist " - is very complex, but very interesting. A good system administrator with a high level of professional skills in demand in the labor market. If you are ready to embark on this thorny path - safely go ahead and let luck accompanies you!Сonclusion

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