I am choosing a profession an IT-System administrator

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I am choosing a profession an IT- System administrator Fulfilled the student of group KSK 12.1 Anton Babushkin Teacher Gavrishchuk I.A. INTRODUCTION The shortage of specialists in the it field, able to effectively organize complex information systems in business management is observed not only in Russia, where they according to analytical surveys will not remain without work in the next 10 years, but also abroad (in USA, for example, the deficit is about 1 million people). Jobs of system administrators, database analysts, specialists in information security remain free for six months or more. WHAT IS THE JOB OF THE SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR The system administrator is primarily responsible to administer the company's network. The system administrator can work both within the IT Department of the company, and one. Depending on this, different responsibilities. WHAT IS THE JOB OF THE SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR System administrators perform backup and recovery of data, ensure the information security of the system. Their competence in the provision of advice to users of the system. System administrators are also involved in the procurement of equipment, components and software. SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR Conventionally, system administrators can be divided into 4 categories:the administrator of the web server involved in the installation, setup and maintenance of software web servers,database administrator — manages the database through the DBMS network administrator — responsibilities include development and maintenance of networks,security administrator network is responsible for the information security of your company data. THE FEATURES OF PROFESSIONAL SYSADMIN The systems administrator job implies a good knowledge of computer hardware (components, peripherals) and software. To qualify for initial positions in the profession can the graduates of technical and IT faculties of colleges and universities, as well as applicants with incomplete higher education. THE FEATURES OF PROFESSIONAL SYSADMIN 63% of applicants for the job of a system administrator are young people under 29 years. Higher education are 64% of specialists. Female applicants there are only 3%. Every tenth applicant is fluent in English, 58% speak the language at a level sufficient for reading technical documentation. CAREER DEVELOPMENT Junior system administrator System administrator Windows Senior system administrator Windows JUNIOR SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR Self administer a small network (about 10 machines) or aid in the administration of a large (more than 100 machines). Maintenance of hardware (printers, mouse, keyboard, etc.) Advising users on common issues. SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR WINDOWS Typical, average system administrator with some experience. Responsibilities include the following: Service and support fleet (over 30 machines) running the Windows operating system. Maintenance and support of server systems (up to 10 servers) that are running a Windows Server. The ability to deploy, administer, recovery one or several DBMS: MS SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres SQL etc. SENIOR SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR Experienced system administrator with working experience of 3 to 5 years. Compared with their smaller brethren senior system administrator executes more different tasks, among which: Maintenance and support of server systems (over 10 servers) running Windows Server and *nix. Deployment, administration, backup, recovery one or several DBMS (MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL...). The creation, management, and support for clustered, high-load and fault-tolerant systems. THE JOB OF A SYSADMIN IT-company; IT-departments and departments of medium and large companies; departments technical support to users or clients; any other companies who use in their work computers and the Internet RELATED PROFESSIONS Web designer, Programmer, Coder, Blogger FEATURES PROFESSION In this profession can not do without a sincere interest in computer innovations and willingness to constantly update knowledge, otherwise you will not keep up with the rapidly changing range of programs and components that manufacturers produce almost every month. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF THE PROFESSION A good sysadmin generally don't have to do it all configured and debugged. Once all the customizing system, the system administrator decides on minor problems reported by users. It is the dignity of the profession. Its main drawback is long working hours. Sometimes the sysadmin has to work 16 hours a day to resolve issues as quickly as possible. THE TOP OF THE CAREER SYSADMIN? Become a supervisor of IT Department in a large company and to manage other system administrator, responsible to the management for the quality of their unit. Usually these people work in the company for a long time and know many of the features of its equipment. The care of these professionals, as a rule, leads the firm's big disruption in the event of serious problems, for example, in the company's network. THE BASIC REQUIREMENTS OF EMPLOYERS TO THE SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR: higher technical or mathematical education knowledge of technical English (reading documentation) knowledge of major operating systems and office packages experience 1-3 years age from 22 to 40 years old FEATURES PROFESSION You have to constantly learn independently, on-the-go books, reference guides and manuals. Really helps the experience of colleagues in the profession, and Internet is just irreplaceable. Experience with computer equipment we need to expand, to constantly improve the skills, read specialiter. Otherwise it is impossible to work: there are new versions of programs, built new computers, come and go, the standards, etc. THE SALARY OF A SYSADMIN "Coming" system administrators, which cause in case of failure or the need for prevention, receive $100-200$ a month or even a fee for each call. Recruits with incomplete higher or specialized secondary education and work experience from half a year can count for the position of technician in the IT Department with a salary of $500-600. With experience and higher education to get an assistant system administrator with a salary of $700-900. To work as a system administrator desired experience of 3 years. Average earnings is $900-1500. For the post of head of IT services (from $1500 and above) or his Deputy is required experience of 5 years, higher education, mandatory knowledge of English, their own completed projects. Microsoft engineers (with relevant certificate) employers offer salaries in the $1700-2000. THE SALARY OF A SYSADMIN According to the figures of the study, the average salary of system administrators of Windows in Russia ranges from 14 thousand rbl. to 100 thousand rbl. depending on region and experience.At the moment the highest salary of a system administrator in Moscow makes 100 thousand roubles, in St.-Petersburg – 80 thousand rub., in Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk – 55 thousand rubles. THE TEACHING PROFESSION A set of entrance exams for any of the specialties about the same in all universities: mathematics, physics/computer science, Russian language. THE TEACHING PROFESSION Applicants universities receive a common basic training, the necessary knowledge to solve various technical problems that will be faced in the work of the systems analyst. All students in a large volume learn math (algebra, geometry, probability and statistics, analysis), its spargeva (discrete mathematics, mathematical logic and formal systems) and computer science. In the latter stages of training, students receive in-depth knowledge of various aspects of the work of the sysadmin HOW PROMISING IS THE PROFESSION OF SYSADMIN IN THE FUTURE? Analysts made a report with the expenditure forecasts and the direction of trends of financial flows in the development of information technologies in Russia in 2011-2015. According to IDC forecasts, over this five-year period the average annual growth rate of expenditure on information technology in Russia will amount to 11.6 percent. In 2015 the annual cost of funds for the development of information technologies reaches of 41.1 billion US dollars HOW PROMISING IS THE PROFESSION OF SYSADMIN IN THE FUTURE? System administrators will be in demand until then while in offices there are computers. There is always something you will need to configure, repair, install, and explain to users how and what to do. And since the business is expanding all the time, the administrator may at any time to find a job on your profile.

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