I Want to be a Programmer

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I Want to be a Programmer Created by student from group 12.1 Ryazapov Artem Teacher Gavrishchuk I.A. The Programmers Who are the Programmers ? First of all programmers are only people. They are living, eating, sleeping, feeling and dreaming. But if someone says that programmers are uneducated, he makes a mistake. Because the programmer is a human, who can think and improvise. The Value Of Programmer’s job The value of programmer’s job is great nowadays. This kind of occupation becomes more and more important for all people. What does the programmer usually do? Everyday we face with some- thing that did the programmer. If we watch TV, listen to the radio or speaking on the telephone we should know that all of them were made by the programmer. Perhaps, it is one of the jobs, which widely covers spheres of our life. The Programmer's Day On September 11th , 2009 the President ofRussia Dmitry Medvedev has signed the decree,which establishes in Russia a new official holiday –The Programmer’s Day. Advantages and Disadvantages The profession of programmer has its own advantages and disadvantages. All day... Very often programmers should sit and write programs all day (+) And all night (-). Unfortunately it does not depend on them. All night... If you write the program to order, you always have terms of delivery which you must follow. Thank you for attention! Artyom Ryazyapov 410 Group

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