My future profession is programmer

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My future profession is programmerCreated by student from group 12.1 PCWPryamukhin DmitriyTeacher: Gavrishchuk I.A. Programmers are people who create absolutely new things using simple primitives and their own imagination.All the things you ever dreamed about became possible due to programs. What is programming?Programming is teaching of computer how to do all you need. Most kind of electronic technics are requires programs to work, therefore programmers write code explain what this mechanism must do and engineers insert programs into devices. The most important thing you need to know about programming: You can’t create something perfect while you keep programming alone. All of the greatest projects created by groups of programmers and designers. Who is programmer?Programmers are unusual people that have different kind of thinking. Most of them like to spent all their time on creative hobbies. But don’t think they are lazy. When it’s time to work programmers are work without even short rest.

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