конспект урока по английскому языку

Тема урока: ‘Fashion is my profession’.
Цель: знакомство с англоговорящими профессиями в индустрии моды.
1.Образовательная-развивать навыки и умения самовыражения на английском языке на основе изученных лексико-грамматических структур; способствовать расширению активного и пассивного словарного запаса.
2.Развивающая-развивать навыки устной речи, перевода, произвольное внимание, мышление, память, языковую догадку, способствовать формированию навыков парной работы, формировать познавательный интерес учащихся к предмету.
3. Воспитательная- способствовать воспитанию хорошего вкуса в одежде и своего стиля, мотивировать учащихся на будущий выбор профессии в области модной индустрии.
Тип урока: систематизация и совершенствование лексического материала.
Методы обучения: практический, словесный, наглядный.
Формы организации познавательной деятельности: индивидуальная, фронтальная, парная.
Оборудование: картинки знаменитостей, компьютер, мультимедийный проектор, экран, презентация, журнал мод.
Ход урока:
Организационный момент:
T-Good morning , boys and girls. I am very glad to see you. Sit down, please.
-Who is on duty today?
-What date is it today?
- What day of the week is it today?
- Who is absent?
P- s- Good afternoon teacher. We are glad to see you too.
T- Look! What is it?(teacher shows fashion magazine)
P- It’s a fashion magazine.
T-Yes, you are right. What information can we get from this kind of magazines?
P- We can look through fashionable clothes, get information about famous designers, models, about fashion industry.
T- Yes. And try to guess the topic of our conversation today.
P- Fashion.
P- about professions that make fashion.
T-So we are going to speak about fashion and style, about people who make them in the fashion world.
Речевая разминка:
T- What do you know about fashion?
P-Fashion is a popular style, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup. Fashion plays an important role in our modern life.
T-Every day we wear different clothes: fashionable, stylish, casual, official.
What kind of clothes do you prefer and why?
Who is the most fashionable person in your family? In your class?
How often do you change your fashion? Your image?
Do you pay attention to fashion? Fashion shows?
What fashion magazines do you read? Buy?
(Pupils give their answers)
Формирование умений и навыков:
T-Some people say that fashion is the waste of time and money, other people think that fashion industry is a very hard work of many people, such as designers, models, stylists, hairdressers , photographers and so on.
Now let’s talk about some of these professions. Look at the blackboard. You must find the description of each profession.
3.Fashion journalist
7.Make-up stylist
a) creates new design, new forms, draws pictures of clothes.
b)shows new fashion collection of clothes on a podium.
c) writes articles for fashion magazines.
d) takes photos of models for fashion magazines.
e) find clothes and accessories for models and help them to wear dresses.
f)a person who makes and repairs clothes professionally.
g) a person who creates make-up for models, actors.
h) cuts, colors and arranges people’s hair.
T- Well done! Now you know what people of fashion do. And maybe some of you will decide to connect his future career with fashion and soon we’ll hear about them in fashion world.
T- Women and girls are very interested in fashion. But men and boys also like wearing nice modern clothes, boots and shoes. People wear clothes according to their character, mood, religion, work, style. There are a lot of different kinds of clothes and some of them comes to Russian from English. Let’s remember some of them.
P-s- Jeans, topic, hoodie, shorts ,jumper, sweater, leggings,…..
T-Yes, right! Do you know the origin of these words?
Look on the screen(presentation)
Jeans- after the name of Italian city Genoa(Генуя)where the sailors wear jeans. The first jeans appeared in 1567 and were brown.The inventor of modern jeans is Levi Strauss
Topic- short T-shirt for women.
Hoodie- thick sports clothes with a hood.
Shorts- short trousers for men and women.
Jumper- it comes from the word «Jumper»(Прыгун).At the beginning it was only for sportsmen.
Sweater- it is an item of warm clothes with high collar which was worn in cold and windy weather while doing sports. Usually sportsmen were covered with sweat(пот).It gave the name of the word “Sweater”
Jumper- it comes from the word «Jumper»(Прыгун).At the beginning it was only for sportsmen.
Sweater- it is an item of warm clothes with high collar which was worn in cold and windy weather while doing sports. Usually sportsmen were covered with sweat(пот).It gave the name of the word “Sweater”
T-Let’s have a rest! Now we will imagine that we are the spectators of the Spring-Summer- 2015 Fashion show. Watch the video.
(просматривается видео ролик с показа мод)
T- Many poems and songs are devoted to fashion. One of them you can see on the screen. Your task is not only to read and understand, but to find new words which you have known today about fashion.
«Glamorous dresses and colorful blouses,
Jackets that go with a skirt or with trousers
Sandals and high heels and tight flared jeans
These are my favorite, favorite things.
Big, baggy T-shirts and warm, comfy sweaters,
Trainers and raincoats and waterproof jackets,
Caps and a rucksack, and some old worn jeans,
Just let me stay in my favorite things.
A Burberry coat and a shirt from Cerutti ,
Calvin Klein bag and sunglasses from Gucci,
Elegant trousers and stylish blue jeans
Don’t laugh at me, I’m in love with these things.
Clothes will come in, clothes will go out,
Clothes will change with time.
Just let me wear what I feel good about
And then I’ll be doing just fine.»
Итоги урока, выводы.
Let’s sum up everything.
What have we done?
What have we learnt?
What have we known?
What useful things have you chosen for yourself?
(ученики дают ответы на поставленные вопросы)
T- I hope after such an informative lesson some of you will continue the job of famous designers like Coco Chanel , Georgio Armani, Christian Dior, Udashkin, Zaitsev. They have create their own fashion and style which are used all over the world.But you shouldn’t forget the well-known words of Coco Chanel: “Fashion is changeable and style is forever”.
Домашнее задание.
T- So your home task is to create a project of your own style in clothes.
The lesson is over. You are free. I hope that you liked our lesson.
Good bye!

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