Popularization of the books by English women-writers of the early 19-th century among my girl schoolmates

My School ProjectThe theme of my project is “Popularization of the books by English women-writers of the early 19-th century among my girl schoolmates”.
I became interested in this literature quite of a sudden. When I was ten they began to sell dolls dressed like the characters of some famous European novels, and the first doll on sale was called Jane Eyre. I was so impressed by the doll that I borrowed the book from the library and read it up to the end.
Then there were some other books. When my parents noticed my interest, they bought me some CDs with the films made after the books. I was absolutely happy. I consider the works educational and very useful for young people because they - like any talented works - give something both to our mind and heart, help us to regard ourselves in a detached spirit and encourage us to develop our soul.
So, the aim of my project is to attract my classmates’ attention to some books, or their screened versions in order to solve the problem I see.
The matter is that usually girls are interested in such thing as the relations between the two sexes, between people of different wealth; the problems of friendship and love, those of personal duty and many others. All these urgent themes find their reflection in the books I love so much.
But the problem is that today children do not like reading very much. Though, they can’t live without communication. Girls usually eagerly discuss such themes with their friends, but not with their parents. It’s a pity. Nowadays parents take less care of reading books together with their children, or watching and discussing filmed books together with them because of the lack of time. But the problems girls try to understand often need some life experience and some grown-up approach.
That’s why we – my English teacher and I - decided to find some ways to popularize some famous English novels among my girl-classmates because these books contain lots of quite typical situations which are extremely important for a growing maid.
First of all, my English teacher who knows that I enjoy reading books by Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte and am keen on English had proposed me to make a research on the position of the European woman two hundred years ago and nowadays. I was to find out what had changed in the position of the woman and especially how it had changed, and the main thing was to decide if the changes were for the better or for the worse. I liked the idea very much, and started my work.
During the research work I had done a survey, analyzed the results of it and came to the conclusion that the majority of our girls hadn’t read the books by those English women writers. They even weren’t aware of the films which had been made after the books.
So, we had decided to stage one of the novels to perform it at our English festival at school. Before that my teacher had given me an adapted version of the novel of Emma by Jane Austin to read it in English. That’s why I suggested it to be Emma.
Of course, it was not a very easy task to write a play: the novel itself is rather large, and the performance had to be not very long because it was to be in English. Otherwise, it would have been too difficult for the spectators to listen to the actors.
At last our teacher helped us to write the play and to stage it with the help of the pupils of the 7-th form. We showed our performance twice –firstly, at the City Festival of Merry Old England, and secondly, at our school festival.
Our pupils liked the performance, but it wasn’t enough to make every girl become interested in reading the book. So, I decided to prepare a computer presentation about Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte and tell my classmates about their lives and works in Russian. My teacher allowed me to make the report at our English lesson.
After the presentation I questioned our girls whether they would appreciate the idea of a school girl club where girls would have an opportunity to watch and discuss films after the books by those writers, to exchange their opinions on the situations and the characters of the novels. The majority accepted the idea, and next year we shall try to organize such a club with the help of our English teacher.
I myself have already analyzed two novels by Jane Austen. I mean Emma and Pride and Prejudice, and the novel of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.
The result of this analysis is the three tables that give us the material worth being discussed at the club.
The first one is devoted to Jane Eyre as an example to follow where I enumerate her positive traits and the situations in which these traits are revealed.
The second one tells us about Emma’s strong and poor features.
And the third one proposes themes to be discussed after having got acquainted with the novel of Pride and Prejudice.
The main aim of the club will be to attract girls’ attention to the books and films after the books, and to give the girls opportunity to think over and discuss the ideas the authors of the books wanted their readers to realize.
We can use both Russian and English in the club.
I hope that we’ll find supporters of the idea who will take an active part in our educational work.
So, I hope my project hasn’t come to its end, it’ll go on.
As for me, I’m sure it ought to be continued.

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