The History of Alaska

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The History of AlaskaCreated by student from group 25.1 Ivanova YulyaTeacher: Gavrishchuk I.A. Alaska’s history began in 1741 when it was first visited by Vitus Bering Then later it was bought by the USA from Russia in 1867 for $7200000. The state is one-fifth as the rest of the United States. It is twice as large as Texas.AlaskaTexas In 1927 every state of America had a flag except Alaska, so all the Alaska schoolchildren were asked to take part in a contest and to submit designs of a flag. The contest was won by a thirteen-year-old Aleut boy, Benny Benson. Alaska is made up of much more than ice and polar bears, or even minerals, furs and fish ??? ??? There are six common areas:South CentralSoutheastInteriorSouthwestNorth SlopeAleutian Islands Thank you for attention

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