My future profession

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My future professionСтудента 4курсаПКС 12.1 группыГоцева ИльиПреподаватель Гаврищук И.А. My profession - ProgrammerProgrammer - is a specialist who deals with the development of algorithms and computer programs based on specific mathematical models. The history of the professionProgramming arose when there was the first electronic computer, and maybe a little earlier. In 1944 it was developed the most powerful at that time computer "Mark 1", and in the twentieth century, 70 years, this profession has become a prestigious and well-paid, despite the fact that software development in different countries have evolved in very different ways The importance of the professionNo programming is difficult to imagine our present life. Internet plays an important role in the development of the business and not only. If you want to find the information we are looking for through the search engine suited web-resources. Own website helps in the work, is the hallmark of the company. If not for the ability of programmers to create something unique, something on the internet it was terrible to watch. Types of programmersThere are 3 types of programmers:Application programmers are engaged mainly in the development of applied software, accounting software, editors, messengers, etc.System programmers are developing operating systems, working with networks, write interfaces to a variety of distributed databases. Staff in this category are among the rarest and most highly paid.Web-developers are also working with the networks, but, in most cases, global - the Internet. They write software component sites, creating dynamic web pages, web-interfaces for working with databases. MAIN ACTIVITIESDevelopment of software modules software computer systems development and database administration, participation in the integration of software modules. Can act as a PC assembler, masters of repair and maintenance of computer hardware, programmer, designer and developer of Web sites and Web-based applications, the system administrator, a programmer in the system "1C: Enterprise", a consultant for the sale and repair of computer equipment. What I can workTechnician for the development and maintenance of softwareProgrammer1C ProgrammerWeb-programmerSystem programmerSystem AdministratorHtml-coderDeveloper and designer websitesfor the sale and repair of computer equipment ConsultantIT specialistTechnical Support SpecialistAdjuster technological equipment Where can I workorganizations and institutions;IT-companies and web-studio;research centers;organization, which implies in its structure unit staff or departments programmers. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF PROFESSION:ADVANTAGES:high profit paymentthe relatively high demand for specialistssometimes you can get a job without higher educationfor the most part is a creative profession DISADVANTAGES:and often have a lot to explain the same thing as what is clear and obvious to the programmer, it is not always clear and obvious to the userwork involving all hands mode (sometimes) in stressful situationsprofession imposes a specific imprint on the character, which is not like all the others Спасибо за просмотр

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