April Fools’ day

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April Fools' dayNational tradition of April FoolsИпутатов Д. Ю.МКОУ «Хорловская школа-интернат для обучающихся с ограниченными возможностями здоровья Воскресенского муниципального района Московской области»2016 год Г. Воскресенск, гор. пос. Хорлово, МКОУ «Хорловская школа-интернат». April Fools' Day - one of the few holidays that has never been officially recognized, but with the success is celebrated worldwide. During the long years of the April Fool's Day in each country developed its own unique traditions and April Fools jokes. How in the world celebrate April Fools' DayApril Fools jokes have a national character, but have become international tradition.Versions of the origin of April fools pranks tradition :RomeFranceGermany and AustriaIndiaScotlandItaly In mid-February holiday celebrated Silly. Roman writer and philosopher Apuleius linked comic deception with the holiday in honor of the deity Fool According to the Gregorian calendar the new year was celebrated officially on January 1, but many continued to celebrate April 1, laugh at them, calling the "April fools" King Monterey presented April 1 fish. A year later, he demanded the same, but did not find her, and prepared similar to last year. Ruler revealed forgery and laughed. April Fools' jokes occurrence associated with the Indian holiday of Holi, known as a holiday color. On this day, participants festivities throw each other colored powder USA media each year announce the list of the dumbest people in the country, which traditionally fall face first In Scotland, April Fool's Day is celebrated for two days. Swallowed the bait gets the nickname "cuckoo" In Germany and Austria, adults and children are deceiving each other, sending orders to fulfill unrealistic

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