Discovering New Zealand (викторина)

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Discovering New Zealandвикторина Автор презентацииУчитель английского языка МКОУ ШИСОО с. Самбург, ЯНАО Ганина Ю.А.2016 Цели:1. Повторение и обобщение пройденного страноведческого материала2. Развитие интереса обучающихся к странам изучаемого языка Answer the questions According to historians, the original inhabitants first settled in NZ in A). 600 B.C.B). 800-900 A.D.C). 1200-1300 A.D. Answer the questions 2. What is the name of the original inhabitants of New Zealand?A). AboriginesB). MaoriC). kiwis Answer the questions 3. Who was the first white person to set foot in New Zealand? A). Captain James CookB). Abel Tasman C).Columbus Answer the questions 4. What is the capital of New Zealand?a). Wellingtonb). Aucklandc). Christchurch Answer the questions 5. What is the largest city in New Zealand?a). Wellingtonb). Aucklandc). Christchurch Answer the questions 6. New Zealanders have a nickname which is also the name of a bird found only in that country. What is it?a). Kiwisb). Emusc). toucans Answer the questions 7. New Zealand was the first country in the world to introducea). An old age pensionb). A driving licensec). Votes for women Answer the questions 8. What season is Christmas in New Zealand?a). Winterb). Summerc). autumn
Answer the questions 9. NZ has over 2.600 classified spider species and many more yet to be classified. The largest, the Nelson cave spider, can have a leg span of up toa). 5 centimetersb). 9 centimetersc). 13 centimeters Answer the questions 10. What farm animal do most people immediately associate with NZ?a). Sheepb). Cowsc). horses Answer the questions 11. NZ is a very beautiful country with a great variety of scenery. Manu popular movies were made here. Which one of these films was made in NZ?a). «Avatar»b). «Lord of the rings»c). «Pirates of the Caribbean»
Answer the questions 12. How much butter does NZ produce per person per year?a). 100 kgb). 10 kg.c). 5 kg. Answer the questions 13. What is New Zealand`s national bird?a). Emub). Ostrichc). kiwi
Answer the questions 14. Rugby is the national sport of NZ. What is the name of the most popular and most successful NZ rugby team?a). «All Whites»b). «All Blacks»c). «All Reds»
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