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disabled children in RussiaThe project was implemented by: What makes me go into immortalityThe smallest particles of existence?They are separated by stars and centuries,And together with them, I disappear. But disappearing in the universal bookI leave the precise features.In every atom in every momentBetween me and eternity the bridges exist. "«Что заставляет уходить в бессмертьеМельчайшие частички бытия?Их разделяют звезды и столетья,И вместе с ними исчезаю я. Но исчезая, во Вселенской книгеЯ оставляю четкие черты.И в каждом атоме, и в каждом мигеМеж мной и Вечностью наведены мосты». This girl with a disability can almost nothing, even simple things what other children and adults can. At the same time this poem (which, perhaps, here could be an epigraph) shows that she can do what we can not. Maybe she knows something we do not know. Have you ever communicated with disabled?#1 – never#2 – I saw them in the street, I had a talk with them once or twice.#3 – My neighbor or my acquaintance is a disabled#4 – My friend or my relative is disabled They are real children. They are not abstract unity Statistical data Our visit to the children boarding school for disabled in Dmitrov. Their dreams

Study at school? Is it possible?Education is one of the most effective ways to break the cycle of discrimination and poverty that children with disabilities and their families often face.Children with disabilities enrolled in school but excluded from learning because the curriculum has not been adapted to their needs or teachers do not have the capacity or time to make the needed adaptations, and/or they do not have access to assistive devices necessary for their learning needs. Example: Children with low vision are unable to see the board without eye glasses.Children who are not enrolled in school but who could participate if schools had the capacity in terms of knowledge, skills and equipment to respond to their specific needs Example: Children with physical disabilities who cannot access the classrooms or children with learning difficulties who may require a slightly different method of teaching or extra hours of instruction.Children with severe disabilities who require additional specialized support, whether in school or not. This group is relatively small (2-3% of all children with disabilities).Example: Children with limited speech or communication, children with a need for support in major life activities or children with multiple disabilities.It isn’t easy to choose the right school.All disabled children are different. Parenting a child with a disabilityFor parents having a child born with a disability is a life-long adjustment. The siblings are also affected. Disabilities result from a number of factors. Families must “learn to tolerate, accept and hopefully celebrate children who are not what they originally had in mindHere are some tips for parents:Learn as much as you can about your child's disability.Find programs to help your child.Talk to your family about how you're feeling.Talk to other parents of children with disabilities.Join a support group.Stick to a daily routine.Take good care of yourself. Don't be indifferent!!!fill.on Thanks for attention!!!

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