Творческая работа ученика 6 класса «Have You Been to Sevastopol?»

Have You Been to Sevastopol?
I am a usual boy of 12. I haven’t been to many countries yet. But almost every summer my mum and I go to Crimea. My mother’s sister lives in Sevastopol. I like visiting her, and my uncle, he is my Godfather as well, and my cousin. My cousin’s name is Vladimir. He is two years older than I. He is my best friend. Vladimir is proud of his native town and tries to show me as many places of interest as possible: the Monument to the Scuttled Ships and Grafskaya Pristan, Nakhimov Square and Primorsky Boulevard.
Sevastopol is a Hero City. It glorified itself during World War ll. It stopped 124 thousandth army of German fascists. My relatives live not far from Sapun Hill. That’s why when I am in Sevastopol we go to Sapun Hill almost every evening. The storm of Sapun Hill marked the beginning of Sevastopol’s liberation. We can see the Eternal Flame there, Diorama Museum, and a lot of weapon of the Victory. I admire the legendary “Katuysha”.
When I was in Sevastopol I saw bikers from different countries put flowers to war monuments in Sevastopol. It became a tradition for Night Wolves to arrange a bike show in the Hero City. I remember the moment when a large group of Night Wolves came to Nakhimov Square. A lot of people stood shouting and waving their hands. We were glad to welcome Russian bikers! The Surgeon, Night Wolf №1, told people some important words about friendship and that we must remember the heroic defense of Sevastopol. After the meeting people could see bikes. There were hundreds of them in the square! My uncle was lucky to find out the Surgeon’s bike and we took its pictures! That day was one of the happiest days in my life!
I should finish my story now. But I’ll be able to write much more about the legendary city when I am in the 7th form. I’ll try to take part in “Round the World “competition next year!

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