тест к unit1 учебника английского языка для 7 класса (Афанасьева, Михеева)

3389630161925Match the pictures with the holidays
3092450219075Russia Day
Victory day
Day of people’s unity
The Fatherland Defender’s Day
6879590920754730750143319518313402216152197102111375-12319041211528149554121155403850290195Women’s Day
Find the synonyms to the words from the box:
mystery transform into participate
gift brilliant brand
very big in the centre of come
turn into arrive riddle make of present in the heart of wonderful huge take part Match the parts of sentences:
He was surprised was unforgettable.
My first journey to Moscow was founded in 1937.
The theatre were influenced by radiation from chernobyl.
We are proud by the number of churches.
Some parts of Russia prefer to go out into the streets.
On this spring day people of our country.
Make up general questions to the sentences. Give short answers.
The Russians are much interested in the rest of the world.
The Russians love animals.
Pollution is high in Russia.
The key symbol of Russia is the troika.
The Russians talk non-stop.
This festival marks the end of winter.
This is a day off.
The busiest people on this day are flower-sellers.

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