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I am not well. Let's help me. Why is Dino not well? [ai]  – like, ice cream, why, nine, fine [i] – milk, orange, fish [w] – want, we, sweets, what, would[i:]  – eat, please, meat, he, she, read[g] – together, go, big[l] – play, milk, school A pear A melon A grape A banana An orange An apple A cabbage A carrot A strawberry honey corn tomatoes nuts cabbage ham butter tea bread like likes I You He She It We They Make up the sentences Fill in the gaps: school, nine, together, breakfast, like, read, friends, cakes. I am Dino. I am ... . I go to ... . I can ... and write. I ... to play chess. For ... I like sandwiches, ... and ice cream. I have got many ... . We play ... on Sundays. The Green Shop The White Shop The Sweet Shop The School Shop What would Miss Chatter and Dino like to buy? Some I like some porridge for breakfast. AnyI don’t like any porridge for breakfast.Do you like any porridge for breakfast? Miss Ch.: What do you want to eat?Dino: Mm, I want chocolate and ... cake.Miss Ch.: Oh, they haven't got ... chocolate.Dino: Have they got … ice cream?Miss Ch.: Yes! Do you want ...juice too?Dino: No, thank you. Can I have ... Coke, please?Miss Ch.: Yes.Dino: OK. Dino He likes He doesn’t like Act out the conversation at the table. Use the expressions: 1) Good morning!2) Would you like (some) …? - Yes, please./ No, thank you.3) Do you like …? - Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.4) I’m sorry. I don’t like … . Is chocolate useful for Dino? Is a cake useful for Dino? Is an ice cream useful for Dino? Is Coke useful for Dino? What food is useful for Dino? Why is Dino not well? Dino is not well, because he eats chocolate, a cake, an ice cream and drinks Coke. H/W: ex. 4, p. 48 in your books. We wish you a Merry Christmas! We wish you a Merry Christmas! We wish you a Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year! Thank you for the lesson!

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