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By Shalaev Sanal Form 6A Healthy food Eat well, stay healthy! Vitamins are important for your eyes, your skin ,your bones, your hair and for other parts of your body. There are 13 types of vitamins (A,B,C and so on). There are vitamins in many types of food. Fats make you strong and give you energy. There are fats in meat, butter and cheese and oil. Carbohydrates give you energy. There are carbohydrates in bread, sugar, potatoes, pasta and rice Minerals make your bones and teeth strong. There are different types of minerals in milk, vegetables, eggs, meat, cereals and many other foods. Protein helps you to grow and gives you energy. There is protein in meat, fish and milk Fibre cleans the inside of your body. There is fibre in nuts, beans and cereals. Water is important for your blood from the inside. Drink lots of water every day! Unhealthy food Danger! High in carbohydrates! High in sugar and salt! High in fats! Low in fibre! Low in vitamins! THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION!

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