Кроссворд «What do You Know about Britain?»

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What do you know about Britain?
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Across :What language do they speak in the U.K.? 
14. Name the castle, which now is a prison. 
What is New Year called in Scotland?
What is the name of the national Scottish costume?
The main religion in Great Britain is...?
What’s the popular name for the underground system in London?
The capital of Northern Ireland is...?
What is the favorite flower of Englishmen? 
The Tower is now?
What do the English often put in their tea?
What colour are London double-deckers?
What is the famous airport in London?
The Beatles came from…
What is the name current Queen?
What are these: The Guardian, The News of the world, The Independent?
What an English writer born in Stratford- upon-Avon?
On what continent are the British Isles situated? 
What is the favorite holiday of English children? . What is Union Jack? .The capital of Wales is...?
The national figure in England is...?
What river is London situated on?
The capital of Scotland is...?
What is the favourite hot drink in Britain?
What is Big Ben?
 What is the oldest university of Great Britain?
What is the other name for English football?
William Shakespeare was...
What colour are London taxies?
Which birds according to legend, protect the Tower of London?

1. English, 2. Tower,3. Hogmanay, 4. Kilt, 5. Christianity, 6. Tube, 7. Belfast, 8. Rose, 9. Museum, 10. Milk, 11. Red, 12. Heathrow,
13. Liverpool, 14. Elizabeth, 15 Newspapers, 16. Shakespeare.
1. Europe, 2. Christmas, 3. flag, 4. Cardiff, 5. Queen, 6. Themes, 7 Edinburgh, 8. Tea, 9 Bell, 10. Oxford, 11. Soccer, 12 writer, 13. Black, 14. Ravens

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