Игра кто хочет стат миллионером

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“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” Приветствие Good afternoon children. Цель игры Today I invite you to take part in the game. Who wants to be a millionaire? The purpose of the game is to check up your knowledge of Maths, History, Literature, Geography, Astronomy and to practice your English, of course. Отборочный турI announce the beginning of the qualifying round.Let us look who will be the first to answer the following question Правила игры…, I want to remember you rules of this game. You will have to answer 15 questions. If you answer all the questions, you will get a million.There are 2 fire-proof sums. There are: 1.000 roubles and 32.000 roubles. During the game you can use three promptings. Look at the blackboard. They are:1) That is assistance` e help2) The guest` s help3) The audience’s helpAnd you have the right to stop the game at any question, if you don`t know the answer. Questions to the Qualifying round I 1 Who was the first man on the Moon?Bell b) Armstrong c) Newton d) Neznayka2 The Beatles were…composers b) pop singers c) doctors d) teachers 3 Who discovered America?George Washingtonb) The Indians c) Christopher Columbus d) Winnie – the – Pooh4 Which is the capital of the U. K. of G. B. and N. I.?Plymonthb) Liverpool c) Edinburg d) London 5 What’s the English for “между”above b) between c) inside d) under6 Who discovered pencilin?Constable b) Fleming c) Armstrong d) Walt Disney 7 What is the most popular sport?chess b) swimming c) football d) basketball8 What is the American equivalent for the English word “form” а) store b) mail c) grade d) line 9 Look at the picture and name the sportboxing b) soccer c) jogging d) racing10 Finish the proverb “Too many cooks…”makes perfect b) makes wastec) spoil the broth d) never boils 11 Who was the first Englishman in Russia?Captain Cook b) Francis Drake c) Richard Сhancellord) Mark Twain12 Which article is used with”… Pacific Ocean”?an b) a c) the d) – 13 Complete the idiom. “Bold as…”a fox b) an eagle c) a mule d) a man14 What dish do the Englishmen always eat on Thanksgiving Day?roast chicken b) roast beefc) roast turkey d) roast fish 15 Which variant corresponds to the Russian sentence.Мои родители хотят, чтобы я не был ленивым.a) My parents want me to be lazy.b) My parents want me not to be lazy.c) My parents don’t want me not to be lazy.d) My parents want me to be not lazy. Questions to the Qualifying round II 1 Look at the picture and name the game.golf b) tennisc) cricket d) fishing2 What`s the Russian for “the children`s ball”? a) мяч ребенка б) мячи детей с) мяч детей d) мячи ребенка 3 Which part of Great Britain has this flag?Wales b) Scotlandc) England d) Northern Ireland4 What would you sayCould you pass me a scone?No, thanks b) It`s OK c) Yes, here you are d) Help yourself 5 Which word doesn`t match the others?artist b) doctorc) composer d) winter6 Choose the antonym to the word “early”light b) popularc) late d)clever 7 Which is the smallest planet in the solar system?Mercury b) the Earthc) Venus d) Pluto8 Which holiday do the English celebrate on the 31-st of OctoberNew Year`s Day b) Christmas c) Easter d) Halloween 9 How many stripes are there on the American flag?thirteen b) thirtyc) fifty d) sixty10 What`s the English for «вдоль»?across b) behindc) round d) long 11 Complete the idiom. “Let the cat out of the…”bag b) boxc) car d) house 12 What`s the English for «навещать»?Look out! b) look atc) look up d) look in 13 Which is the capital of the USA?New York b) Washington DC c) Los Angeles d)Santa Barbara14 Which word is used only in Singular?book b) fruitc) friend d) money 15 Where is the Fellowship Christian Academy situated?a) in Florida b) in California c) in Georgia d) in Ohio

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