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Презентация к урокуОщепкова Татьяна Викторовна, МБОУ СО школа посёлок Уральский, Нытвенский район, Пермский край, 2013 Travelling Модельный текст1. Тематический настрой.2. Презентация МТ.3. Реконструкция МТ.4. Активизация речевой деятельности учащихся.5. Креативное письмо.6. Презентация собственных МТ.7. Рефлексия. Задачи урока1. Развивать навыки говорения по теме.2. Развивать грамматический навык (Present Perfect).3. Развивать творческое мышление.4. Развивать умения создавать текст по аналогии.5. Воспитывать умения работать в группе 1. Тематический настройT: I’m sure that all of you enjoy traveling. As for me, I really do. And I think that all of you have a dream to go to a place, where you have never been to, don’t you? P: Yes, we do!!!T: Do you want to go to Great Britain? Why? What do you want to see there?P: Big Ben, Buckingham palace ….T: I see that you want to see everything!! Today you’ll have a chance to watch different places of interest of London. I’ve got a very interesting video for you. Would you like to watch it?P: Yes!!! T: OK! But after the video be ready to answer the question: What places of interest are shown in the video? Тематический настройT: Did you like the video?P: YES!T: So, what interesting places were described in the video?P: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower….T: Well, I see that you know them but would you like to visit them?P: Yes!! :) 2. ПрезентацияT: Well, we’ve just watched the video with you about different places of interest. And I’ve got something else for you… And it’s a poem which was written by Mike who also wanted to see them! Would you like to listen to it?P: Yes!!!T: Well, but be ready to answer the question:What grammatical construction is used in the poem? I haven’t been to Britain I haven’t seen Big Ben I haven’t visited the Tower And I haven’t crossed the Tower Bridge in rain.I’d like to see them.Презентация 3. РеконструкцияDid you like the poem?What country would Mike like to visit?What places of interest did he describe?Why did Mike use Present Perfect in the poem? (the pupils: “Because we see the results of his activity”).When we use “have” and “has”? What’s the difference? ( pronounces)
Check your suppositionsPresent PerfectОбразуется: Have/Has(not) + V3Используется : Используя время Present Perfect в вопросе говорящий заинтересован в совершении или не совершении данного действия. T: Have you ever been to Britain? Have you ever seen Big Ben? Have you ever visited the Tower? Or crossed the Tower Bridge in rain? Реконструкция________ever been to Britain? ever seen Big Ben? ever visited the Tower?Or crossed the Tower Bridge in rain? Now, let’s imagine that Madonna’s come to Perm and during the conference you want to ask her manager about her experience in traveling. So use ‘she’ instead of ‘you’: 4. Активизация речевой деятельностиT: Now, please answer my questions about your experience in traveling. 5.Креативное письмоHave you ever…………….?Have you ever ……………..? Have you ever……………….Or…………………………?Now, imagine that Madonna wants to know about where you’ve been. What questions she can ask you? Креативное письмо T.: - And now it’s your time to begin writing about you experience in travelling. But before I want to remind you of the criteria according to which you must write your texts:It must be short: from 5 to 9 lines.You must use the structures ”I have, I haven’t+v in the 3-rd form and other words and expressions from the lesson.It must have a logical conclusion. Divide into groups of 4 and start creating! I haven’t been to …I haven’t seen …I haven’t visited …And I haven’t crossed the Tower bridge in rain.I’d like to see them. 6. Презентация созданных учащимися текстов.T: - Work in pairs. Read your texts to each other and loud then I will ask you where your partner has been, what cities or places of interest has she or he visited:Ppls: - She, he has been…., visited…, seen, admired… 7. РефлексияThank you for your work. I hope it was rather interesting for you to try such kind of activity. Did you like today’s lesson? What new have you learnt?Was it interesting to write a poem?What is special about this kind of the poem?Can you say that you have done a good job? Thank you for your work!

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