Билеты к устному итоговому зачету за курс 8 класса по английскому языку

Your partner is watching a documentary on TV. Talk together and decide what to watch later.
What does the label ‘fairtrade’ mean?
Are there any ways of shopping that can help our nature?
Tell us about Yuri Gagarin. Imagine you are a shop assistant and your partner is a customer in a clothes shop. He/she is looking for a pair of jeans. Talk together.
Why was the world astonished when Yuri Gagarin orbited the Earth?
What is the town of Engels famous for?
Tell us how to be a responsible shopper.
Imagine you are a person working for a charity and your partner is calling you to make a donation. Talk together.
How can governments encourage people to use public transport?
How can banning all private transport in our towns and cities improve our quality of life?
Tell us about the problems of teenagers and how to deal with them.
Imagine you work at a ticket office and your partner is a tourist who wants to buy some tickets for the Tower of London. Talk together.
What is chunking and how does it help keep information in your memory?
What does the Roman ‘loci’ technique mean?
Tell us some reasons for and against banning all private transport.
Imagine you need to rearrange an appointment. You are a caller and your partner is a receptionist.
How do the media make teenagers feel unsure of themselves?
What can you say to the young people who see themselves in an unflattering way?
Tell us about the ways people can train their brain (improve their memory).

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