26092701641448Behaviour is your second face
00Behaviour is your second face

Etiquette is a very important part of people’s culture. Etiquette is a list of the rules which a person must or should do in society. You can find here some of these rules. You should remember them always.
Etiquette of phoning
Answer a call no later than after the third sound signal.
At the beginning of the telephone conversation ask, whether your friend has some time to speak.
Leaving the message on an answering machine: say the date, your name, and shortly the purpose of the call.Remember: at the end of the conversation before saying goodbye, follow the rule: the one who calls is the first to finish the telephone conversation.

Acquaintance begins with making the introductions. This moment is very important for the further relations.
Strangers are introduced to each other by the third person.
Introduce the young to the senior and then the senior to the young.
The man is introduced to the woman. Except a case when the man is much more older than she. The new employer is introduced to the head.
If one person makes the acquaintance with a group, someone will introduce him to this group.
Introducing yourself you can use only your surname.
319722551371500 When you introduce yourself or somebody is introduced you stay face to face and smile, smile.
At first women are invited to the table then men.
Say “Good appetite” to people who are having a meal.
Eat noiselessly.
Don’t speak with your mouth full.
Put the table napkin on your knees.
Use the fork and the knife properly.
Don’t put your elbows on the table.
Rolls, bread take with your hands.

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