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Lesson Legend and history

Intellectual game MR KNOWS ALL

Lesson Yoshkar-Ola center of tourism

Family the main treasure

Program of social deevlopment through English lessons

Lesson Great museums of the world

House in the wood New variant

Faces of love School party

The formation of personal results

Technology of Socratic dialogue

Song as means of education in Finno Uggric pedagogy

Research work as means of heroic education

Militari patriotic education in Mari El

Method of example in patriotic education

Mari folklore as means of heroic education

International patriotic education

Heroic patriotic education

Gymnasium as center of policultural education

Ethnocultural education in Mari El

Ethnocultural approach in education

Classes of phililogical profile for ethnocultural education

Civic patriotic education in Mari El

Autoreferat on patriotic education

Egoshina Sofronova 2

Calendar plan 7

Adaptive program

Hungarian and Mari quizine

Greek and Mari Gods

Egoshina Yanaeva